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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

The genogram maker for Mac offers you a wide range of format types to export your chart. You can choose from MS Word, PPT, PDF, Html, JPG and more. If you wanna share with other family members, just use the built-in personal and team cloud system to store and sync your files.


Pre-made visual Genogram templates to uncover family relationships patterns

  • Visualize your client’s medical, social, psychological and family relationship history
  • Gather medical and psychological information for solving medical problems
  • Explore the quality of relationships and behavioral patterns of patients

Creately helps you do this with

Pre-designed templates for creating genograms and genealogy charts
Easy drawing and diagramming tools for social work assessment
Share with others in your team for real-time collaboration and group editing
Export your diagram as high-quality images or PDFs to include in PowerPoint presentations and Word docs

Guide and Best Practices

Much like a family tree, a genogram visualizes relationships and the quality of those relationships between family members. It helps identify patterns of behavior and connections across generations.

How to make a genogram

  • Determine the type of family information you want to gather from your clients. And then identify the generations you want to represent in your genogram.
  • Based on the kind of information you want to learn, prepare a set of questions to ask from each member in the family.
  • Questions should focus on gathering information on family relationships, the quality of family relationships, medical conditions and important events. You can also find more information on family books, from internet research, medical records, etc.
  • Thoroughly analyze the unions between family members. For example, marriages, divorces, children etc. Try to understand the status of the emotional relationships they have with each other.
  • Using a Creately genogram template, visually represent the information you have gathered. Use squares to represent male family members and circles to represent female ones.
  • Start the genogram with the oldest generation. Using the relevant genogram symbols for family members and relationships, convey the family interactions.
  • Once you have completed the genogram, study it to identify patterns. You will be able to gather information on family history of illnesses, relationship issues, etc.
  • As required, you can invite your client to edit the genogram by sharing it with them. Or you can download it as a PDF, image or SVG to add to presentations and documents, or take print-outs.

More templates and visual ideas for creating genograms

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