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Posted : admin On 12/25/2021
  1. Cen Tech Scanner Updates 60693

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Cen Tech Scanner Updates 60693

4WAS – Air Suspension
4X4M – 4X4 Control Module
ABS – Anti-Lock Brake / Traction Control Module
ACCM – Air Conditioning Control Module
ACM – Audio Control Module
AFCM – Alternative Fuel Control Module
AHCM – Auxiliary Heater Control Module
APIM – Accessory Protocol Interface Module
APIM_SPA – Accessory Protocol Interface Module
ARC – Automatic Ride Control
ATCM – All Terrain Control Module
BCCM – Battery Charger Control Module
BCM – Battery Control Module
BCMB – Body Control Module B
BCMii – Body Control Module
BdyCM – Body Control Module
BECM – Battery Energy Control Module
C-CM – Cruise-Control Module
CDIM – Circuit Deactivation Ignition Module
CLM – Column Lock Module
CPM – Cellular Phone Module
CSM – Security Module
CTM – Central Timer Module
DACMC – Digital Audio Control Module C
DCDC – DC to DC Converter Control Module
DCSM – Driver/Dual Climate-Control Seat Module
DDM – Drivers Door Module
DSM – Drivers Seat Module
DSP – (Audio) Digital Signal Processing Module
EATC – Electronic Automatic Temperature Control
ECS – Electronic Crash Sensor
EPB – Electric Parking Brake
EPS – Electronic-Controlled Power Steering
FCDIM – Front Control/Display Interface Module
FCIM – Front Controls Interface Module
FCIMB – Front Controls Interface Module B
FDIM – Front Display Interface Module
FEM – Front Electronic Module
FFH – Fuel Fired Coolant Heating Module
FICM_GATEWAY – Fuel Injection Control Module
FIM – Fuel Indication Module
FIP – Fuel Injection Pump
FLM – Front Lighting Control Module
FOH – Fuel Operated Heater
FSSM – Fire Suppression System Module
GEM – Generic Electronic Module
GEM/SJB – Generic Electronic Module / Smart Junction Box
GFM – Generic Function Module
GPCM_GATEWAY – Glow Plug Control Module
GPSM – Global Positioning System Module
GSM – Gear Shift Module
GWM – Gateway Module A
HCM – Headlamp Control Module
HCM2 – Headlamp Control Module 2(B)
HD_LVL – Headlamp Leveling Module
HEC – Hybrid Electronic Cluster
HSWM – Heated Steering Wheel Module
HUD – Head Up Display
HVAC – Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
IABM – Integrated Airbag Module
IC – Instrument Cluster
IC_MSCAN – Instrument Cluster
ICM – Information Center Module
ICU – Injector Control Unit
ILCM – Interior Lighting Control Module
INST – Instrument Cluster
IPC – Instrument Panel Control Module
IPMA – Image Processing Module A
IPMB – Image Processing Module B
LCM – Lighting Control Module
LPSDM – Left Power Sliding Door Module
LTM – Liftgate / Trunk Module
MC – Message Center Module
MRCMA – Movable Roof Control Module A
MRCMB – Movable Roof Control Module B
NAV – Navigation System
NGSC – Next Generation Speed Control Module
NoX_GATEWAY – NOx Gateway
NoX11_GATEWAY – Nitrogen Oxides Module – Feedgas
NoX12_GATEWAY – Nitrogen Oxides Module – Tailpipe
OBD_BCM – Battery Control Module
OBD_FICM – Fuel Injection Control Module
OCS – Occupant Classification System Module
OTC – Overhead Trip Computer
PAM – Parking Aid Module
PATS – Passive Anti-Theft System
PBM – Park Brake Control Module
PCM – Powertrain Control Module
PCSM2 – Passenger Climate-Control Seat Module 2 (rear)
PDM – Passenger Front Door Module
PRB – Power Running Board
PSCM – Power Steering Control Module
PSM – Passenger Front Seat Module
RACM – Rear Audio Control Module
RAP – Remote Anti-Theft / Personality Module
RASM – Rear Air Suspension Module
RATC – Rear Air Temperature Control
RBM – Running Board Control Module
RCC – Remote Climate Control
RCM – Restraint Control Module
RCU – Audio Rear Control Unit
REM – Rear Electronic Module
RESCU – Remote Emergency Satellite Cellular Unit Module
RETM – Rear Seat Entertainment Module
RFA – Remote Function Actuator
RGTM – Rear Gate/Trunk Module
RHVAC – Rear Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
RLCMA – Rear Lighting Control Module A
RPSDM – Right Power Sliding Door Module
RTM – Radio Transceiver Module
SARC – Semi-active Ride Control
SASM – Steering Angle Sensor Module
SCCM – Steering Column Control Module
SCIL – Steering Column/Instrument Panel/Lighting
SCLM – Steering Column Locking Module
SCMB – Seat Control Module B
SCME – Seat Control Module E
SCMG – Seat Control Module G
SCMH – Seat Control Module H
SDARS – Satellite Digital Audio Receiver System
SECM – Steering Effort Control Module
SOBDM – Secondary OBD Control Module A
SOBDMC – Secondary OBD Control Module C
SODL – Side Obstacle Detection Control Module – Left
SODR – Side Obstacle Detection Control Module – Right
SRM – Speech Recognition Module
TBC – Trailer Brake Control Module
TBM – Tracking and Blocking Module
TCCM – Transfer Case Control Module
TCM – Transmission Control Module
TCU – Telematic Control Unit Module
TPM – Tire Pressure Monitor
TRCM – Transmission Range Control Module
TrlrBM – Trailer Brake Control Module
TRM – Trailer Module
VAPS – Variable Assist Power Steering
VDM – Vehicle Dynamics Module
VEMS – Vehicle Emergency Messaging System
VIC – Virtual Image Cluster
VSM – Vehicle Security Module