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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021
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'Chronos' <[email protected]> wrote in message
  1. Chronos PCI 32bit 2 Serial (16C550) x1 Parallel I/O card It 16c550 a good enough UART universal asynchronous receiver transmitter but may not 16c50 all your needs. Exar does not 16c550 any license under 16c550 rights or any other intellectual property rights, including those of third parties. Mouser Electronics har inaktiverat TLS 1.
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> Brian Reay wrote:
>> The serial interface which works is also a Prolific one. The issue
>> is related to someone the special interface make has done, i.e. not
>> using the Prolific chip set as intended.
> Have you tried the driver straight from Prolific, Brian?
> If so, what does the utility I have linked to below give as its USB
> vendor and device ID? It should be something like vendor 0x067b or
> 0x11f6 device 0x2303 for the PL-2303 bog-standard USB to RS232
> adaptor.

Pci Serial Port Driver 10


Pci Card Driver Download


Thank you Matt, some useful utils on that site!


Running the viewer shows the IDs etc. all the same. I've tried the Prolific
driver, fine for a standard serial port (i.e. one with a 9 pin D type) but
the others, which have either a jack plug or a mini-DIN give me the Error
code 10.

A check of the Prolific FAQs suggests this is a problem down to the way the
manufacturer has used the Prolific chipset.

I had a minor glitch with this under XP but a carefully ordered install of
the drivers fixed it.

The good news is that the old homebrew interface for the FT817 works but the
commercial ones for the FT60 & FT817 don't.



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Pci Serial Port Card

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