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Void textbackground(int color); description of textbackground change of current background color in text mode Color Value BLACK 0BLUE 1GREEN 2CYAN 3RED 4MAGENTA 5BROWN 6LIGHTGRAY 7DARKGRAY 8LIGHTBLUE 9LIGHTGREEN 10LIGHTCYAN 11LIGHTRED 12LIGHTMAGENTA 13YELLOW 14WHITE 15 #include #includeconio.h int main( void ) textbackground(RED. Conio.h for windows and linux. This library implements (parts) the of old Turbo C conio.h See header file for suported functions. To avoid name conflicts a prefix 'c' was added into the original functions. Home » C programming » conio.h » textcolor in C. Function textcolor is used to change the color of drawing text in C programsTurbo C compiler only. Declaration: void textcolor(int color); where color is an integer variable. For example, 0 means BLACK color, 1 means BLUE, 2 means GREEN and soon. You can also use write. Dev c 2b 2b free download - Tom Clancy's The Division 2 Open Beta, 2B Magazine, 2B Consulting, and many more programs. C Conio Library Using getch in Dev C compiler Function getch works in Dev C compiler but it doesn't support all functions of 'conio.h' as Turbo C compiler does.

Borland-style CONIO implementation for MinGW/Dev-C++. Homepage

Send any improvements to this library to me, I'll do new release of this devpak.

For the example of use, look at example in the Examplesconioconio_test.c subdirectory of your Dev-C++ directory. It's simple:

  1. Include conio2.h.
  2. Link with libconio.a (add -lconio parameter to linker).

Functions defined already in MinGW's conio.h

conio2.h automatically includes conio.h. It also provides several #defines so you can use all these functions without underscores.

C++ Conio Functions

Conio C Dev C%2b%2b

About the makefile: The makefile is written for gcc and GNU make. The 'all' target passes -m32 option to the gcc. The 'all64' target passes -m64 option to the gcc.

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