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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

↳ Download Windows 10 (64 Bit Version) Microsoft always offers Generic product keys (serial key for Windows) for testing purpose and activating the operating system. Here’s the list of Windows 10 generic key or product key or serial key which you can use in order to activate Windows 10 operating system on your PC. MY SUMMER CAR is the ultimate car owning, building, fixing, tuning, maintenance AND permadeath life survival simulator. You start the game with hundreds of loose parts and assemble both car and engine.

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Never seen before true car building and driving simulator!


MY SUMMER CAR is a game about car building and everlasting Finnish summer. Summer is and this game is !
Never before is a car game designed with such emphasis on realism, in bad and in a good way. Small error and you die. It could be that you forgot to tighten brake linings, or that you forgot to bolt wheels properly.
The maximum speed for the car might be only 165kmh (downhill), but it is all horror already at 80kmh. Of course, you can always order some stuff from other side of the world, and tune up the engine so that you hit 200kmh. So have fun with::::::::::::::: .

I am making this game because this game needs to be made. This is not made because this is fun game, but because it is NOT!


  • Detailed driving simulation with Pacejka tire model
  • Car operating requires H-type shifter and clutch
  • Super difficult hardcore car building puzzle
  • Walking simulator
  • Car stereos with installable subwoofers
  • Camera to take photographs
  • Dead boring highway
  • Extensive damage system, for parts dropping off and wear and tear
  • Parts shop for spare parts and tuning parts
  • Does have graphics of some sort
  • Human waste tank truck driving
  • Listen drunk people talk
  • Drunk NPC's
  • Passing out and waking up in random place
  • AI road traffic
  • Able to go to sauna, drink alcohol beverages and get wasted
  • Radio channel
  • Ability to import own OGG songs to radio
  • Rallycross-style dirt track
  • Strawberry picking
  • Drivable cargo van
  • Ability to steal fuel
  • Ability to make kilju and sell it to get some cash
  • Car inspection process
  • Online leaderboard rally event
  • Window stickers, like 'More beer'
  • Complete car build up from spark plug to full body tuning
  • Engine simulation with changing damage and performance scenarios
  • Early 90's Finnish countryside setting
  • Play slot machine in bar
  • Ability to chop wood for money
  • Rowing boat (well it became motor boat)
  • Drivable muscle car with true to life automatic transmission
  • Fully functional dashboard similar to flight simulator
  • Chop wood
  • Brake fluid, oil, coolant, fuel, carburetor management
  • Fast and dangerous dirt roads
  • First person controls, no immersion breakers
  • Permadeath
  • Drivable tractor
  • Physics bugs
  • PC-only game
  • Suomi KP/-31 to shoot fishes, cans, or something else
  • Drag strip and local drag racing events
  • Lively environment with houses, nature and animals




    19.8.2016 Changelog is back online
    9.8.2016 It took us 6 days to pass Steam Greenlight, a huge thanks to you all!
    2.8.2016 Game has been submitted to Steam Greenlight!
    18.1.2016 Game site moved to another domain
    29.3.2015 Updated changelog, updated screenshots and video
    3.3.2015 Added full development changelog for those who are interested, also links to Twitch and Steam group
    12.2.2015 Official Steam-group here:
    24.11.2014 BUILD number 154 has released for testers. And we are ONLINE in the Interweb!

    Copyright AMISTECH GAMES, Johannes Rojola & Kaarina Pönkkä 2018

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    Download Girlvana Summer List Serial Keys

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