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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

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Nintendo's Kirby is the renaissance man of video game characters. He has appeared in t side-scrollers (Kirby's Dreamland 1 and 2), a puzzle game (Kirby's Avalanche), a pinball game, (the aptly named Kirby's Pinball Land), a Marble Madness-type title (Kirby's Dream Course) and even a Breakout clone (the new Kirby's Blockball).

Now Kirby's starring in his most ambitious game yet, Kirby Super Star, which drops the cloud-like Dream Land resident into not one, not two-but eight different games.

This title's first three games-Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade and The Great Cave Offensive-are all side-scrollers and ready to play as soon as you turn on your Super NES. You can access two other adventures, Revenge of the Meta Knight and Milky Way Wishes, once you beat at least two of the earlier games.

In Spring Breeze, Kirby leaps, runs and flies through four stages to snap up food stolen by the frog-like King Dedede, the game's Boss. Dyna Blade is similar, except this time Kirby treks through more varied levels to face Dyna Blade, a giant bird that has been tearing up Dream Land's crops. The Great Cave Offensive emphasizes exploration over action, with Kirby searching caves for 60 hidden treasures. In Revenge of the Meta Knight, Kirby has a limited amount of time to hop aboard and destroy a massive floating fortress. In Milky Way Wishes, the pinkish hero has to build up points to clear stages and finally restore peace to Dream World.

These six games mark Kirby's first stab at the side-scroller genre for Nintendo's aging 16-Bit system. However, they represent an extremely fresh attempt, because Kirby Super Star has been endowed with powers and abilities far beyond those of his past 8-Bit incarnations.

Kirby can still perform his trademark move-inhaling bad guys-but now he can swallow enemies and absorb their powers. There are as many powers in Super Star as there are enemies to eat. Depending on what Kirby swallows, he can use laser vision, swing a sword, shoot fire balls, blare out enemy-splitting screams, hurl umbrellas and wield a vast number of other powers.

But Kirby's new abilities go way beyond what his digestive system can provide. If you're tired of stuffing Kirby's iron stomach with enemies, he can spit them back out and make them his helpers. These butt-kicking slaves will stick by Kirby to the end, bashing any creatures that threaten his life. However, the helpers don't have to be mindless pawns of the computer; a second player can join in and control the regurgitated enemies, turning Super Star into one of the few simultaneous two-player Mario-type games.

Besides Super Star's five side-scrolling games, three mini-games-Gourmet Race, Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby-are on tap to add to the title's lasting power. In Gourmet Race,

Kirby cruises through three obstacle courses, racing against King Dedede while filling up on food. Megaton Punch, a game of careful timing, has Kirby and numerous opponents seeing who can knock the biggest whole in the ground. Samurai Kirby pits the hero in one-on-one duels against the game's Bosses. Whoever has the quickest draw wins.

However, these bonus games are just the icing on Super Star's cake. The title's other games, its huge selection of powers and its two-player capabilities will keep players busy for weeks and proud that they still own a Super NES.

Download Kirby Super Star For Android Download


Download Kirby Super Star For Android Apk

Gamer's EDGE

Super Star's three minigames--especially Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby-test your timing and dexterity more than your adventuring skills. Megaton Punch is set up like the bonus round in Mortal Kombat. You have to pound on the Punch button three times--at specific intervals--to pull off a planetsplitting punch. First, slap the button when the red power meter is full. Then hit the button again when the two aiming crosshairs connect. Finally, slap the button a third time when the swinging pendulum is vertical. Time your taps right and you'll always out punch your opponent. Samurai Kirby is much simpler. Just make sure to wait until the signal is given to draw your weapon. Whip it out too soon and you lose. But if you pull it too late after the signal, you're dead meat.

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