Download Supersu For Android 4.4 2

Posted : admin On 12/25/2021

Download the latest SuperSU Zip (SuperSU 2.82 Zip) and SuperSU APK (SuperSU 2.82 APK) for your Android device. SuperSU was developed and maintained by the legendary Android developer chainfire and is the go-to choice for Android enthusiasts to root their device. 1 SuperSU Apk For Android. 1.1 How To Download SuperSU Apk on Android Phone. 1.1.1 Step: 1- Go to Apps Menu and Tap on Settings icon; 1.1.2 Step: 2- Tap on “Security” option under Settings; 1.1.3 Step: 3- Enable “Unknown Sources” 1.1.4 Step: 4- Tap on “OK” button; 1.1.5 Step: 5- Download SuperSU. Download SuperSU ZIP Chainfire provides the SuperSU root packages via two different channels – SR (Service Release) / BETA and Stable versions for which the official links have been provided below. It is always good to use the latest BETA version as it has the most recent changes and can support the newer Android versions (Oreo 8.0 and 8.1).

SuperSU is the best way to manage superuser access on your rooted Android tablet, phone, and select wearables.

Download Supersu For Android 4.4 2

SuperSU gives you everything you need to manage privileges on your device. Need to unroot your device temporarily or even permanently? This app can do that! Need to change permissions for specific apps so you can avoid annoying segfaults and app crashes? It can do that too!

You can also “demote” privileges of apps that you don’t trust or you just don’t want hogging system resources and accessing your phone.

One of the best features of SuperSU is the fact that you can’t launch it by accident; you’ll have to enter in a very specific code into the dialer and know what you’re doing to change settings and permissions for both the system and installed apps.

Supersu Apk Download For Android

In the end, SuperSU is a great way to manage both administrative and app superuser permissions on rooted Android phones and tablets.


Supersu Download Apk

  • Temporarily or Permanently Unroot Your Phone Need to unroot your phone temporarily or permanently? SuperSU has you covered! You can also “unroot” apps, so they won’t be able to access higher permissions that you don’t want them accessing.
  • Say Goodbye to Segfaulting Ever had an app just crash randomly? Welcome to the wonderful world of segfaults! Many crashes are caused when a program tries to read or write to an illegal (not allowed) memory location. Elevate specific programs privileges and stop segfaults for good.
  • Launch with Dialer Codes This app launches via the dialer to avoid another user launching the app by accident.


Download Supersu For Android 4.4 2.0


Download Supersu For Android 4.4 2.1

  • Doesn’t Work on All Devices Some users have reported issues on HTC One and Redmi devices running the program.