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Here you can download file Memory stick drive increaser 1. 2shared gives you an excellent opportunity to store your files here and share them with others. Join our community just now to flow with the file Memory stick drive increaser 1 and make our shared file collection even more complete and exciting. Ultimate Drive Increaser Free Download April 12, 2017 Internet Download Manager (IDM) v6.28 Build 6 Final Free and Full Download April 23, 2017 Zoom Player Max v13.1 Beta Full and Free Download April 11, 2017.

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Free Download Manager Video Conversion plugin

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Wise Hard Drive Recovery Utilities Pro

It is good free hard disk recovery software - Wise Hard Drive Recovery Utilities Free Edition. In some cases, we cannot open a hard drive due to a hardware problem. There might be some mechanical error with the actuator arm. In this situation, you didn't lose your data at all, but you just cannot find it due to this hard disk mechanical problem.

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Convert almost any application to run on U3 USB flash drives. Simple and quick to use: create your own U3P package files in minutes!nPackageFactory for U3 works best for simple programs and applications with few support files (although you can add as many supporting DLLs and other EXEs as you need).

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Drive Memory Increaser Software Download
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Moto Geeks

Choose between four racing motorcycles with different weight, acceleration, speed and maneuverability specifications. Be aware of the other motorcycles, special bonus and powerups for your motorcycle. Have fun pushing other motorcycles out of the race, and beat your own time records.

Drive memory increaser software download for pc
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Drivers For Free

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Kiran's Typing Tutor

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Puzzle Inlay

Puzzle Inlay has arrived to the family of to please lovers and fans of puzzle games. Super addictive and easy to play, Puzzle Inlay offers over 60 picture puzzles to inlay with more than 18 varieties of gems. The purpose of the game is easy yet challenging.

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Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive is a free storage service offered by the famous e-commerce retailer. This program will allow you to backup your photo and video folders and upload additional files. The main disadvantage of the program is that you can't download single files, but only entire folders.

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Is your system slowing down due to less free RAM? You can effectively increase the amount of RAM without purchasing another RAM stick! Yes, there is a term called ‘Virtual RAM’ which effectively increases the amount of RAM on your computer. In this article, we are going to elaborate on the process of how to create and limit the amount of RAM on your computer. Follow this step-by-step guide and in the end, enjoy the expanded RAM and a lag-free computer.

How to increase RAM in Windows 10

Follow these easy steps-

STEP 1 – Know your installed RAM

1. Press the Windows key+I keys together.

Ultimate Memory Increaser

2. Then, click on the “System“.

3. After that, click on the “About” on the left-hand side.

4. Check out the amount of “Installed RAM” on your computer.

STEP 2 – Increase the virtual RAM

1. Press Windows key+R to open the Run window on your computer.

2. In the Run window, type “sysdm.cpl” and then hit Enter to open System Properties.

3. In the System Properties window, go to the Advanced” tab.

4. Under the Performance‘ tab, click on “Settings“.

5. In the Performance Options window, go to the “Advanced” tab.

6. Now, click on the radio button beside the option “Programs“.

7. Now, under the ‘Virtual memory‘ section, click on “Change” to change paged file size change.

8. In the Virtual Memory window, uncheck the option “Automatically manage paging file size for all drives” so you can take control.

Now, you have to decide the storage option (Windows drive/ SSD drive) to utilize as paged file resources.

11. Follow the next steps to configure the page settings more efficiently-

12. Select “C:” drive.

13. Then, click on “Custom size“.

Ultimate Drive Increaser For Pc Download

14. Then, set the ‘Initial size’ and the ‘Maximum size’ accordingly.


There is a rough formula to calculate both values for any device.

Initial Size (MB) = 1.5*1024* (Insatlled RAM)

Maximum Size =3*1024* (Installed RAM)

Example- In this computer, the Installed RAM is = 8 GB.

So. the Inital size = 1.5*1024*8 = 12288

Maximum size will be = 3*1024*8= 24576

Do the calculations according to the available memory on your device.

16. To finalize the limit, click on “Set“.

17. If a warning message pops up on your screen, click on “Yes.

18. Then, click on “OK“.

19. In the Performance Options window, click on “Apply” and then click on “OK” to save the changes.

20. Finally, click on “Apply” and then on “OK” in the Properties window.

Drive Memory Increaser software, free download

Now you have successfully increased the virtual RAM of your system.

Usb Drive Increaser

Sambit is a Mechanical Engineer By qualification who loves to write about Windows 10 and solutions to weirdest possible problems.

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