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E mu emulator iii vst, E-MU Walnut. The E-MU Walnut audiophile headphones feature a compact, lightweight, ergonomic fit and sleek design. Providing outstanding comfort with its soft protein leather earpads and adjustable padded headband, the E-MU Walnut is a magnificent looking headphone in black leather and dark chrome with exquisite rich brown wooden earcups. Original E-mu Emulator II feature set: 8 voices multitimbral sample engine; Each layer (voice) has its own VCF (+ADSR), LFO, VCA (+ADSR) Original 8 bit companding technology and 27.7 kHz sample rate. Chipcrusher is a retro-digital multi-effect. Audio input goes through a simulation of early lo-fi digital audio codecs (DAC Encoding), a SPC Delay, grit is added (Background Noise) and then goes through a selection of speaker and filter impulse responses (Cabinet).

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Team R2R 6 November 2020 52.3 MB


Added 🎡43 Libraries🎡 E-MU X 24.45 GB

Emulator X3 Software Sampler is the culmination of over 30 years of sampler development that offers the sound quality, synthesis and filters of E-MU’s hardware samplers and introduces a host of new tools that includes SynthSwipe automated hardware sampling, TwistaLoop non-destructive audio manipulator, Morph Filter Designer to create custom filters, Multi-Function Generator for advanced LFO/envelope/arpeggiator programming, advanced Transform Multiply convolution DSP tool, real-time control of multiple loop points, REX2 and MP3 import, and much more. Emulator X2 still offers E-MU’s 24-bit/192kHz sound engine and patented pitch interpolation, and can be run either standalone (64 MIDI channels) or as a VST instrument (16 MIDI channels per instantiation). Emulator X2 runs on Windows XP and includes over 3GB of sounds and a 2in/2out USB MIDI interface.


– Automated sampling, pitch detection and preset creation with integrated waveform editor.
– Powerful synthesis architecture with over 50 Z-Plane filters and 100 tempo-based parameters per preset.
– Standalone (64 MIDI channels) or VSTi operation (16 MIDI channels per instantiation).
– Sound Engine supports RAM and streaming playback.
– Integrated effects processors.
– 2in/2 out USB MIDI interface.
– Comprehensive sound format support, including EOS, EIII, GigaSampler, MP3, REX2,.AIFF, SoundFont 2.1,.WAV and more.
– Ships with over 3GB of sounds, including the complete Proteus 2000 soundset, a 1.5GB Grand Piano, 24-bit drums and grooves and more – additional soundsets available.

Added Libraries Emulator X:
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 01 Emulator Standards
– E-MU Formula 4000 Vol 1 Hip Hop Nation
– E-MU Formula 4000 Vol 2 Techno Trance
– E-MU Formula 4000 Vol 4 Earth-Tones
– E-MU Mo’Phatt
– E-MU.Modern.Symphonic.Orchestra.EMULATOR.X.PROTEUS.X-SoSISO
– E-MU.Sound.Central.X.Beatshop.One-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Sound.Central.X.Proteus.Producer-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Sound.Central.X.Studio.Grand.Piano-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Sound.Central.X.Twistaloop.X-Perience-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Techno.Synth.Construction.Yard.X.EMULATOR.X.PROTEUS.X-SoSISO
– E-MU.Vintage.X.Pro.Collection.Vol.1.Synthesizers-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Vintage.X.Pro.Collection.Vol.2.Synthesizers-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU.Vintage.X.Pro.Collection.Vol.3.Keyboards-BSOUNDZ
– E-MU Analogia Project EMULATOR X
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 02 More Emulator Standards
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 03 Orchestral
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 04 Sound FX
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 05 World Instruments
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 06 World Percussion / Ensembles
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 07 E-mu Classics
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 08 Vintage
– E-MU Producer Series Vol.8 Platinum Phatt EMULATOR X
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 10 Elements Of Sound 1MB
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 11 Elements Of Sound 2MB
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 12 ESI-32 150MB Production Soundset
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 13 Dance 2000
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 15 Bass Collection
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 16 Twenty Six Studio Drum Kits And Percussion
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 17 Heavy Guitars
– E-MU EII Factory Library
– E-MU K-MUSE – Richard Burmer Library
– E-MU Old World Instruments EMULATOR X
– E-MU OMI UOS Vol.1
– E-MU OMI UOS Vol.2
– E-MU Classic Series Vol 09 Psychic Horns

Added New Today (1 Library Emulator X):
– ZG-Creative.Inspiration.Planet.Phatt.Emu-TZ7iSO

Emu Emulator Ii Sample Library Download

E-MU Emulator X3 v3.0.0 WiN READ NFO-R2R

E-mu Emulator Ii Vst Download Mediafire

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Wanted to post a followup to my previous impressions. This has become my go-to library for EMU Emulator sounds. Some samples of EMU get them wrong, but this one feels just 'right' - well-sampled and programmed to play like a musician would play samples (even some commercial labels fail there).

E Mu Emulator X3

E-MU EMULATOR II 1984 v2 Custom Collection . HUGE 4GB EII PRESET LIBRARY FOR E-MU EMULATOR II SAMPLER / HxC FLOPPY EMULATOR . Disc contains approximately 1400 images of (.EII / .HFE) Banks full of presets . crafted for the Emulator II. After years of painstaking work we think this collection contains everything you will need to get the most out of your EII E-MU Emulator II - Version 3.1 Firmware Upgrade Kit w Debug EPROM ($31.61) E-MU Systems Emulator II shugart floppy drive ($275) E-mu - Emulator II - Power switch ($4.90) E-MU Systems Emulator II RS-422 Computer Interface Cable for Alchemy / Sound Designer ($80) Floppy Drive Emulator USB for E-MU Emax II sampler Incl. 3500+ disks Emu E-max 2 ...

Emulator Ii For Sale

A few sounds from the Emulator II sound libraries. Some of these sounds were popular in the '80s and have become classic. EMU Emulator II Sound Editor on Mac OSX This program allows you to send and receive Emulator II samples and bank Images ...