Free Number Fonts

Posted : admin On 12/25/2021

T hough there are countless blog posts and recommendation lists for fonts and font pairings these days, what’s really tough to find are the best fonts for numbers. If you can’t afford FF DIN or Numbers by H&CO, there isn’t much guidance, let alone a go-to recommendation list. At Graphiq, we think about data tables, charts, and infographics all day every day.

  1. Free Number Fonts To Print

Finding sleek fonts for your plan activities can be a noteworthy time sink. Why adhere to the standard Windows default numeric number fonts while making your plans about best records, commencements, information illustrations, or any computerized outline ancient rarity that is overwhelming on numbers? With present day accumulations of allowed to download numeric fonts you have a universe of sleek and very surprising numeric fonts to play around in.

Investigating the dazzling themes of numeric fonts right from cool numeric text styles to more serious vintage numeric text styles, and so on, and you will have the capacity to discover it effectively which will be accessible with the expectation of complimentary text styles where you can download them from the web.

It can be a very time-consuming task to look for the best number fonts available on the web because there is a sea of fonts available. I am going to save you from all that hassle. I have picked up 31 of the most amazing numeric fonts that you can use for free. A large portion of the free fonts highlighted here were produced by architects, for planners. Look at the textual styles beneath and remember them for your next outline extend. I have provided details and the link for each of the font so you can directly access it and download it right away!

Fab Figures

Fab Figures is one classy number font which you can download for free. This high balance show textual style family with wavy terminals is an incredible decision for infographics and notices. The whole textual style family comprises of 10 styles which has , 2 styles for ordinary use, 2 styles for enormous use, 2 styles for little use and 3 designed styles.

Bullet Numbers

BulletNumbers come in exceptionally convenient for a wide range of records that don’t surpass 100 classes. This font has been in use since years by tons of people where BulletNumbers in positive and negative and four styles, serif, sans, etchers and content, a fitting one for each event.

Numbers With Rings

Numbers with Rings utilizes an OpenType framework that enables you to produce numbers in rings up to 999999. You can even have ringed letters or letter/digit blends. In the event that your application underpins OpenType ligatures, you can type letters or digits on your console and they’ll naturally press into rings.


This text style is intended for the formation of crossword baffles. Presently you don’t have to purchase any extraordinary programming projects to make a crossword baffle. All you have to make an expert looking crossword baffle is this textual style and any standard word handling or distributing program.


Here comes a super cute font which is going to give you some marshmallow vibes. This textual style, made by Darrell Flood, is allowed to use for individual utilize. However, for the commercial use you will have to contact the owner and get it.

Handwritingg Font

This is an incredible numeric font anybody that has a fixation for numeric textual styles. The design is eccentric and somewhat strong. Clearly it would breathe life into your outline extends altogether. You can utilize this for on the web and disconnected undertakings.

001 Interstellar Log

Here comes another amazing number font which is one of the prominent ones among the upscale number font styles. Basically it is a sci-fi enlivened number text style which has certain techno impacts also.

Limberjack Number Font

This yet another one of the cool number font styles which is positioned as up-to-date. It has a beautiful design which looks a little smudged. So,don’t hesitate to utilize this number textual style sort to increase the general visual effect of your plan works and up your portfolio in the meantime.

Numbers 0-99 Style Two™

This is a beautiful number font where each style incorporates 6 text styles of 100 characters each of circle, square, and precious stone in positive and negative.

Sport Numbers

Sport Numbers contains exemplary game number outlines, like those that show up on don regalia and rivalry vehicles. The vertical numbers are situated under the character set and the sideways numbers are situated under the individual keys of the move + character set.

Number 514

An early serif font style, to a great extent for show, identified with triangular Latin serifs styles, with surprising brightening components. This font will make the whole design look stunning.

Digital-7 Font Family

This is a free number font which has a digital look. This font is free to download for personal use however you might have to take permissions for the commercial use.

Superstar M54

Superstar M54 is a really cool font which can be downloaded for free. This font is perfect for using on clothing design and sports jerseys.


This is a free font created by The FontSite which is free for personal as well as commercial use. It has letters inside circles in two different ways.

CD Numbers

This is another number font which has numbers inside square boxes. This font was used for tracks on audio CDs.

Crash Numbering

Crash Numbering is a cool two styled font set which is sure to add bureaucratic flavor to everything it goes on.


Numberpile is a great font created by Typodermic Fonts which comes in two different styles. The numbers are enclosed in circles where one is shaded and the other is not.

Number Ornaments

Number Ornaments is a lively font which can be downloaded for free. This font has its numbers enclosed in different sorts of shapes with different shading pattern.


Fyra is a free font designed by Jonathan Hughes which has uppercase letters and numbers enclosed in square as well as circles.

KR I’m This Many! Font

This font is created by Kats Fun Fonts which has fun figures with hands and faces on each number. This font is free to download for personal use.

KG Traditional Fractions

This is a font created by Kimberly Geswein which is free to download for personal use. It has numbers in the form of fractions.

Crashed Scoreboard Font

Crashed Scoreboard is a free font created by Blaise Kal which is free to download for commercial use. This font has the look of a scoreboard where it has letters over it.

KR First Years Dings

This is a yet another fun number font created by Kat’s Fun Fonts which has candle flames on top of each figure.

Stöhr Numbers

This is a very cool font made by Lukas Krakora which has prints of old stamps. This font can be downloaded for free for personal use only.


Couture is a classy font which can be downloaded for free. This font has two different styles with bold sophisticated typography which looks amazing.

Digital Dust

Digital Dust is a free font made by Chequered Ink which can be downloaded free for the personal use. This font has letters in the form of a digital writing.

The Black Bloc Numeric Font

This a dazzling number textual style write which, similar to the name itself recommends, has a striking typeface and that is the reason you can utilize this for illustrative undertakings it is stunningly discernible.

Green Fresh Leaves Ecology Number Fonts

Taking sign from nature, this numbers textual style picks its outline thought from crisp green takes off. It’s a significant one of a kind and eye-satisfying textual style, and will undoubtedly win your plan additional focuses for development.

Crash Numbering Font

Free Number Fonts To Print


Made in 2002, this number text style is enlivened and composed utilizing an old strategy known as crash numbering. It has got three particular styles of numbering so this is very valuable on solicitations, pool tickets and so forth.

Basket of Hammers

This number textual style has an intense typeface, so if that is a prerequisite for any of your plan attempts then you should download this number textual style and use it.

Combi Numerals

This is seemingly the best textual style for numbers. You can utilize it in your visual depiction, website architecture, outlines and so forth. You will see this textual style makes a stamped contrast in the general appearance of your activities.