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Posted : admin On 12/25/2021

Install using packages. Pkg install mysql57-server mysql57-client. Alternatively, install using ports. Portmaster databases/mysql57-server databases/mysql57-client. Enable MySQL in rc.conf. /etc/rc.conf partial listing. Mysqlenable = 'YES' Start MySQL from the command line. Note that the above rc.conf line will automatically start MySQL when. FreeBSD offers two primary methods of downloading applications and system tools: packages and ports. Users will have to choose between the two collections when installing these tools. Packages are pre-compiled binary packages, typically smaller in size than full port installations and they do not require compilation time.

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I'm very new to FreeBSD/Unix/Linux and just installed a 9.1RC2 system with X. After reading the whole handbook, I'm still quite unsure how I properly uninstall ports I don't need and especially, how I remove their dependencies.
For example...I installed firefox...and I didn't like it. So (before reading the handbook), I typed
and got rid of it.
However, it probably only removed firefox, not the dependencies.
How can I do that? What should I do now to remove the (unused) dependencies of firefox?
I installed cutleaves, but when I use it, it just asks me about every installed port if I want to remove it or not. Isn't there a way to detect, which ports a port depends on and which ports depend on it and offer a method to get rid of all the dependency-ports which are not used by any other port?
Thanks a lot, I would just like to have a clean system.