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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

Standard gaming mod for the new version of SAMP 0.3.8. (R3-4 Description of the new version of SAMP: The 0.3.8 version of SA-MP will feature ser. Download Games, download Mods, download RPG, wide range of software, drivers and games to download for free. SA-MP Mod Pack cool skins and gun textures It puts in many nice skins in game, no pic no download xD. San Andreas on PC, you can use this San Andreas: Multiplayer mod to play the game with Apps; Games download gta san andreas multiplayer; gta samp 3.0z. »» San Andreas » Screenshots (PC Pickups of GTA Online To SA-MP » 1 more.

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Swamp Attack (MOD, Unlimited Money) - a very fun game in which you will help your hero stay alive. In the story of the game you live far from civilization, in the most frequent forest. And one day you realize that all the animals decided to gang up against you and make you an unexpected visit in the dark night. Fight off all the attacks of enemies and show what you can do, protect your favorite home from rodents. You'll have fun with your humor through 78 levels, open up more weapons to not only fight back, but also repel the hunt for a long time to return to your territory!
ModeA few of the features that CodsMP provides include:

Game Mod Samp Rpg

Game Mod Samp Roleplay

  • Automatically updates with the newest features upon game start. (can be disabled)
  • Connecting to 0.3.7 servers is possible with the DL client as well.
  • Minimap zoom can now be disabled. (thanks, The Drunk!)
  • The FrameNode character length error will no longer show up. (thanks, The Drunk!)
  • The /pagesize command now goes up to 50.
  • Configurable settings through an .ini file.
  • Quick-loading feature allows your game to load much quicker.
  • Custom model feature allows you to set specific skins to specific players as well as yourself.
  • Custom weapon models can be applied to specific players as well as yourself.
  • Fixes ImVeFt (IVF) issue resulting in cars being colored black or losing colors.
  • Colors the majority of your SA-MP UI with personalized colors.
  • Resolves various game and SA-MP crashes.
  • The /hudscalefix command will always save.
  • Your chat logs will be automatically archived.
  • Objects will now break with the correct animation.
  • Blueberry lag is fixed with a new building removal method.
  • No delay when quitting the game (/sq allows you to force-crash instantly).
  • Fixes a SA-MP bug freezing your character when entering or exiting a vehicle which despawns.
  • /tackle can be automatically disabled after a chosen amount of time.
  • The phone animation works inside cars now (will not be synced with other players).
  • Plates can be replaced with vehicle IDs.
  • Taking screenshots is a lot faster and is no longer limited to 1000 screenshots.
  • Support for instant reloading of SAMP 0.3.DL cache files, only working for skins right now.
  • Cars can have original game dirt textures on them again.