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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

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Horror films have always tiptoed around or bludgeoned straight on through modes of stimulation and fright. Wish-fulfillment sex and violence make for fascinating bedfellows and always have, and this list will please both genre fans and those looking for a chilling provocation.

Many of the films listed here are polarizing, which should come as a shock to no one. Horror by its very nature is exploitative, and combine this with ideas of eroticism and sexuality and you’ll have the pious and the uptight squirming in their seats while the repressed and the churlish similarly agonize and gnash.

Rather than delve into the sexual politics at play here this list instead takes pains to detail genre films that see eroticism and sex in ways that are titillating and, on occasion sublime.

There’s a few here that are flat-out trash––those can still be fun––and others that are camp, and others too that are thoughtful, artistic, and even, I would argue, grandiose. And a few that are just gross. Enjoy!

30. Nekromantik (1987)

On the surface there’s little to recommend about this shocker aside from gratuitous cruelty and, as the title suggests, necrophilia, but what else would one expect from West Berlin exploitation legend Jörg Buttgereit (Horror Heaven)?

The film focusses on one Rob Schmadtke (Daktari Lorenz), an employee for Joe’s Cleaning Agency where he cleans up corpses from road accidents and that sort of thing, and this is all catnip for Rob, who loves defiling corpses. Sound transgressive enough?

Wait, there’s more (including a ménage à trois with a corpse and a steel pipe), but, amidst all the nastiness and taboo smashing Buttgereit actually injects a lot of satire on bourgeois mores––Rob stops defiling corpses long enough for a short-lived warm-blooded romance with Betty (Beatrice Manowski)––and even features a whip-smart slasher parody via an extended film-within-a-film sequence.

This one’s for diehards and I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone else, but the extreme masochism, dysfunction and themes of social isolation and despair combine with a strange eroticism that will appeal to a select and skewered few.

29. From Dusk till Dawn (1996)

While a somewhat inconsistent viewing experience overall, the patchiness is owed perhaps for the genre-jumping experimenting of screenwriter Quentin Tarantino––who regrettably also co-stars––and overzealous director Robert Rodriguez in this amalgam crime/action/horror/comedy which, despite its many flaws, is still an enjoyable B-movie and something of a midnight cult hit.

The fugitive and murderous Gecko brothers, Seth (George Clooney) and Richie (Tarantino), are on the run from the Feds––something about robbing banks and slaughtering innocents and taking hostages––when they find themselves in Mexico, at a tasteless peeler bar called the Titty Twister.

At this bar, spoiler alert, the denizens who dwell within are vampires, but truly the only one of them that matters is star stripper Santanico Pandemonium (Salma Hayek). She steals the show with the best scene in the film––also the spiciest––and the splatter and platitudes that follow are hit-and-miss with the game cast falling just shy of staring right into the camera and winking. It’s not a movie for everyone but it might be for you.

28. Vampyres (1974)

The British censors were fittingly outraged by Marianne Morris and Anulka Dziubinska as the eponymous bloodsuckers in José Ramón Larra’s sordid lesbian vampire tale.

The early 70s enjoyed a brief and bitey trend in sexploitation of this ilk (see Jess Franco’s sumptuous Vampyros Lesbos further on down this list) and this wonderfully atmospheric fright flick, overrun with dreamlike visuals and shocking violence spread amongst gratuitous nudity and Gothic scenes of seduction –– Murray Brown’s ill-fated plaything peasant victim isn’t easy to forget –– makes for the quintessential vogue vampiric lesbian liaison.

27. Neon Demon (2016)

Polarizing auteur du jour Nicolas Winding Refn (Bronson, Drive) offers up his obeisance of giallo cinema with Neon Demon. Detailing with satire, savagery, and arthouse horror bending of the knee, Refn tells the sordid and seductive tale of sixteen-year-old wannabe model Jesse (Elle Fanning) and her terrifying odyssey into the Los Angeles fashion industry, where bloodlust, libido, carnal cravings and cannibalism all combat for the whip hand.

A suitably amorous and atmospheric score from Cliff Martinez helps the alternately sensual and eerie film unfold with the right amount of hallucinatory expression to this beauty-obsessed tale of exploitation. Call it pretentious and call it indulgent if you wish, Neon Demon is also pretty, unflinchingly gruesome, and purposely provocative. Oh yeah, and it has Keanu Reeves.

26. Ilsa, the Wicked Warden (1977)

As far as camp classics go, the Naziploitation trend didn’t exactly pull it’s punches when it came to gore, rape, sadism, and OTT violence, and Isla, the Wicked Warden –– the third in the Isla franchise –– is a guilty pleasure for the video nasties crowd. Something of an icon, former Las Vegas showgirl and pin-up centerfold, Dyanne Thorne is best known as Ilsa and her frequent pairings with director Jess Franco reaped many raunchy and ribald rewards.

The plot of this particular outing involves Ilsa as the notorious warden of a mental institution for young women where sexual humiliation is par for the course, as is the manufacturing of pornography. But Ilsa may have gnawed off more than she can chew with new inmate Abbie (Tania Busselier), who has revenge in mind.

Admittedly a trashy schlock fest, the tongue-in-cheek fourberie and Franco’s grindhouse goofiness make this something of a cult sensation, and one that’s best viewed in a party setting.

25. Jennifer’s Body (2009)

A mostly meh horror flick with some surprisingly funny asides thanks to screenwriter Diablo Cody, Jennifer’s Body deserves your come-hither diligence primarily if you happen to have a lusty avarice for its sexy symbol star, Megan Fox. Also on the marquee is Amanda Seyfried––though here she’s mostly playing the straightlaced and stuffy nerdy BFF.

Fox is Jennifer, a desirable high-school debutante who gets possessed by a demon and decides that the male population of her small town environs are her quarry.

Despite all the nubile bods and innuendo, Jennifer’s Body is primarily geared towards a youth audience with a fixation on lame/limp alt-rock (think Silversun Pickups and Hole) the film still works as a guilty pleasure for some. A similar film that almost made this list but will at least get a mention here is Ginger Snaps (2000), a werewolf variation with Katharine Isabelle as the menacing babe.

24. All the Boys Love Mandy Lane (2006)

Director Jonathan Levine (Warm Bodies) really hit his stride with this playfully effed up horror thriller about a “good girl” turned promiscuous partier named Mandy Lane (Amber Heard).

Teen anxieties are often mishandled in the slasher genre, and that’s to to be expected, but here Levine gives a little more props to his youthful protagonists, and Heard hints at some potentially solid acting chops, beyond being a substantiated sex object (thank goodness!).

A mingling of Terrence Malick-like poetic visuals and grindhouse gore and dimension mete out rather well in this teen slasher film that is also elevated by a delightful payoff and considerable intelligence.

23. The Love Witch (2016)

Anna Biller’s delightfully macabre exercise in sassy seduction and strange, vintage sensations feels like it was made in another era but adorned with bracingly modernistic designs. A stunning to look at and thrilling to think about throwback to the Technicolor melodramas of the swinging 60s and the sexploitation cinema that supervened, The Love Witch stars a smashing Samantha Robinson as Elaine, the eponymous witch.

Beautiful but bloodthirsty, Elaine is determined to find the man of her dreams and will cast spells and brew strange potions to manipulate the men around her until she finds her ideal muse.

Biller’s inspired and kaleidoscopic set design, sumptuous costumes, and deliberately superannuated aesthetic is a crafty coup de cinema, combined with an excellently effective soundtrack and kitschy ornamentation that makes The Love Witch a ravishing and ineffable entertainment and magic made manifest.

22. Planet Terror (2007)

What? Another Robert Rodriguez film on this list? Well, while his oeuvre is inconsistent, his penchant for blending eroticism and hysterical horror is spot on.

Planet Terror is deliberately kitschy zombie horror film (first released as part of a double feature with Tarantino’s Death Proof under the title Grindhouse) that delights in every aspect of the exploitation cinema Rodriguez grew up on. Lucky for us, the red-blooded viewer, this includes the deliberately titillating, empowered-yet-objectified, super hot and super tough megababe trope, here portrayed with aplomb by Rose McGowan.

Why, even the title credit sequence is risqué and racy as Cherry Darling (McGowan) go-go dances in hot pants in sensual slo-mo and stunning, suggestive prowess. And later, most memorably, Cherry Darling will have a machine gun prosthetic leg that she puts to good and provocative use.

Planet Terror is a guilty pleasure there’s no point feeling guilty about, and if she wasn’t already, McGowan will soon after warrant a lot of room in your fantasy file. A sequel with Cherry Darling’s continued exploits was never forthcoming, and for this we must ask Rodriguez––a man who’s no stranger to other strenuous sequels––why the hell not? Put Cherry on top!

21. High Tension (2003)

Maïwenn Le Besco and Cécile de France are subject to all manner of perverse nastiness and outright exploitation in Alexandre Aja’s breakthrough horror film and linchpin of the New French Extremity movement, High Tension.

A nasty, uncompromising film, Aja takes pains to present a shockingly vivid and highly stylized Grand Guignol-like flight of frenzied fancy full to burst with violence and sexual perversion.

Certainly not for all tastes, this go-for-broke assault on the senses hinges on a twist ending that might be too much for some viewers and the relentless nature of the film, very close to self-flagellation for non-genre fans, will be much too much to swallow for the typical viewer.

But High Tension shrewdly upends convention, destroying tropes with alacrity, messing with lesbian college girlfriend curiosity conceits and home invasion hysteria with the subtlety of a sledgehammer to the junk. Look out.

There are quite a few Mobile movie download sites out there that will have you throwing your phone across the highway in a matter of minutes. Although if you have the right heads up you might keep from committing cellphone-cide prematurely. With so many misleading choices it can be hard to find just exactly what you want. Let me run down the top ten best sites to get those movies you love for your mobile and see if this doesn’t help you in your habit of entertainment for free!

Part 1. Top 10 Mobile MP4 Movie Download Websites


Developer: AFS Analytics


This website is a triple a class download website and has many features available. You can select from software and media to streaming to downloading and VIP material. Also available is a VIP customer registration and brief description of date of release and information about movies.


  1. This has to be the classiest of the list (even with the cheesiest colors scheme) with the most mobility and up to date movies available the format is as up to date as you could ask for the subject material.
  2. Great use of space and presentation of categories available. You can have your own account with simply getting login on this site. Easy approach makes this site has increased its demand among users. The upfront web design is without bells and whistles but what it lacks in shine it racks in grisly up to date content. This has to be the most up to date of the list and exactly why it’s reached our number one spot.

2. Gingle

Developer: Gingle


Also there is Gingle.in Included are many up to date movies and much music. As well as radio feeds and wallpapers. It features an excellent search function. Also it retains ability to view only top downloads which is great if you want the newest of the new. Also you can search the web from its search bar


  1. This site has chosen to be a little easier on the eyes than the others with its cloudy teal backdrop. Maybe giving the effect of the easy and simplicity that google has come to be known for. Seemingly catering more to its Hindi market, Gingle has mainly any English spoken movie translated and available much for free!
  2. The one distinguishing note about this particular website is its total lack of registration for content. If you just need a single movie or maybe you’re packing for a trip up the Himalayas you will find you can get more than a decent amount of content right here at Gingle.com completely without ragging…..reg..-ing..! Gingle.com just happens to be offering Music, Desktop Wallpapers and Radio now too.
  3. Web surf its search bar while downloading is a prime feature for mobile users which means no pesky closing of windows while you movie search all can be done within the same domain. There’s plenty about of plusses about Gingle.com as a content hub that allowed it to climb to our number 2 spot.

3. KitKatMovies

Developer: KitKatMovies


KitKatmovies.com is a more gui friendly version with big buttons for your Hollywood, Bollywood TV show, and even movie requests. It contains comment sections about each download source to see if links are up or down other than that it is straight-forward. Also a category bar.

Reviews: This website, too, has chosen to relax its viewers for as long as it can with a beachfront backdrop.

  1. KitKat movies has a stylized plethora of content to offer for mobile free downloading, including like its predecessors movies in Hindi, Bollywood, movies and also songs but it’s also throwing English albums as well.
  2. The design is laid back and much more upfront. But can we really ask for more? Well it seems we can! With its own “request a movie” feature front and center to allow individuals to make sure they get they’re two cents in for movie bidding. All in all maybe without the bells and whistles this website is still delivering without delay and we can say it has got what it takes to round out our top 3 best Mobile MP4 Free movie content providers.

4. WorldFree4u

Developer: WorldFree4u


Horror Unrated Movies Download For Mobile

Much like the ones before it, this website is very straight forward but it does categorize its sponsor’s into one group which I prefer when I was searching. They have many Translations and movies with subtitles available for many different languages also tags.


  1. With a name like that, you’d be expecting malware up the wazoo, but with the proper precautions this is not a problem and from the looks of it many have come use it as freely as advertised. It won’t be as up to date and it won’t be as flashy but in its own right it does what it came to do. Offer clients free movies as up to date as possible so that’s why they’ve reached our number two spot. Now, as we move down the list we’re going to see much more of that elbow twitching around, but just hold on. We haven’t reached the end as this website is still keeping a hand in the ring. Yes there is more advertisement we know but there is also still a promising amount of fresh content and if you’re part of the niche of Bollywood movies then this place is as good as any.
  2. Premium content as Free as fast as it can be. A heads up to WorldFree4u.com as we continue down our list. I do have to say that the layout is unique. At the top it seems like you reached some teenager’s blog or something but as you scroll you realize this is the place you were looking for.

5. 99HD Films

Developer: 99HDfilms


This website has a unique group of both sides of entertainment split down the middle for easy browsing. You can also select to be directly advertised to or not. Also a Contact us section and a way to post on your timeline for others to get access to the same content.


  1. Still firmly attached to your mobile device? We hope so. Or maybe you’ve already got the content from the list above. If you couldn’t find you’re desired already we have more for you with 99HDfilms.com. This might have on an off chance something previously missed but much like the others it’s split between Bollywood and Hollywood and then also very conveniently a movie calendar to show you the appropriate dates and times.
  2. One thing you’ll love is the visualized likes and views/message visuals. A really nice touch for you if you are a bit on the fence about what to watch. This layout really lets you know just when your favorite series or movie is really hyping at the moment or if a movie is as critically acclaimed it says it is. Never the less I really appreciate that feature in saving time in choosing which content to find for viewing now or later on. Having your hands on the hottest movie before anyone else is always a major opportunity for social maneuvering.

6. HDMoviesMP4

Developer: Wapka.mobi


HDMoviesMP4 is a much more toned down website. All materials are mostly available through category selection or through utilizing the search bar. A much slimmed down site to keep your mobile search moving along fast.


  1. This website is much more like a repository than open search type website or hot new material type of webpage. Most of what is available is available on the main screen but if you scroll a small ways you’ll easily find that they have a good amount of movies available for download both in Hindi and without. Even some Punjabi and Bengali movies as well as Old is Gold which I’m assuming is the golden oldies of Bollywood or at least I assume so.
  2. None the less, Age of Ultron is topping its list of featured Movies so it is safe to say this site is up to date and might just have that special thing that you were looking for. I do have to disagree with their choice of web design as the green blue and pink all seem to clash much as does the miss centered Mickey Mouse pointer finger. But to each their own and this might just be your stop.

Horror Unrated Movies Download For Mobile Windows

7. MP4MobileMovies

Developer: MP4 Mobile Movies


MP4mobilemovies has a much like its predecessors the same type of layout available except you can at least guarantee yourself a broader variety here. Including WWE and others. Other than that this website keeps things in suit as a way to speed up your browsing ease.


  1. Being awesome is the name of the Tamil movie for free game and this particular movie website has it in spades. Just be sure not to overlook it in its simplistic layout.
  2. This might look like another one of those make hulk angry green https, but making use of the search bar you will find out this site does have what you’re looking for. Maybe not in the same caliber as the previous websites but as we step away from the prime light area of the top 3 we will see that the content suffers. Not as much as your mood might, though, should you choose to jettison your brand new phone out your car window.

Horror Unrated Movies Download For Mobile Legends

8. FullMoviesFreeDownload

Developer: Full Movie Downloads


Fullmoviesfreedownload is a bit standout in that it features movies by year and not by direct display other than the niche it’s displaying. It has many of the same features as the webpages before it.


  1. This website seems to feature mostly undead movies or psychological thrillers. If you’re screws are already not screwed on too tight this might not be the place for you…..but you’ll probably think it’s perfect! Nevertheless it does feature a broader spectrum of content for your viewing and downloading pleasure (if you do happen to be the type of person who gets pleasure from watching bits and bytes fill up their files).
  2. This site has a good amount of movies here if not the most up to date or the most helpful it is a leading source of free content. With a bit of poking around you can find that it isn’t just a niche site. I do like their choice to go this way to grab a specific type of watcher as all my friends are those people and I know exactly what they were going for. Well done.
  3. 9. 3GPMobileMovies

    Developer: 3GP Mobile Movies


    3gpmobilemovies is a picture perfect carbon copy of the standard download website. Also featuring misdirection links such as download a specific browser for speed. None of that is necessary but of course they do offer much material. As before the slime style for speeding through selections.


    1. It would be sort of criminal for me to say that this site has so much more than what has been previously given to you on display and at your disposal. if this website does happen to stand out in its own unique way in that does save you bandwidth if MP4 is just too gripping on your coffers there are 3gp solutions here for your setup.
    2. Finally it seems we have come to the end of our mobile movie hunting adventure, hopefully with all your brand new or favorite content downloaded to memory, ready to relax and enjoy your material. What’s that you say? You still haven’t gotten the movie, songs, radio broadcast, podcast, documentary!? Well then we have just one last place for you to look.

    10. MySuperMovies

    Developer: MySuperMovies


    MySuperMovies is the last on our list. Mostly because of the lack of display material and less catered towards box office hits in Hollywood related movies. This may not be an issue though if you are searching for local grassroots movies. Some of the best movies are made this way although all-in-all more of the worst have come to be outside of the main arena of blockbusters. As before, this site is very unengaging and straight laced but has many niches available.


    1. That’s it you’ve reached it. What more is there to say? All categories listed up front and center for you to select and a small search bar in the top left corner. What may help you with your selection is the wide selection of movies from different countries. Seems to be a lot wider selection country-wise than other sites of the same range.
    2. In my opinion I think some of these websites keep the layout simple so that they will not lose your, oh so precious, traffic with terribly slow loading times especially if their servers are located much farther away from your current location. In summary this site has many different movie selections from many different languages and gets the job done fast. No bad load times. Because of ad-mania overload. Selections and downloadable content.
    3. Well it seems we have reached the end of our top ten lists of mobile MP4 movie downloading websites. As all things that begin must come to an end. I sincerely hope you found this article helpful in your search and that you DID find all the content you were looking for as we all know just how infuriating missing your favorite content can feel. Hopefully this list kept you happy and smiling with loved ones instead of hovelled over some shrubbery searching for your mobile cursing the free movie spirits!

Free Unrated Horror Movies

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