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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

'Revolta 2' instruments. 2 MAGIX instruments of your choice. Only now add-ons with a total value of $27.98 free of charge: NEW!

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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ +Anvil Soundset - Magix Revolta²+ +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Hello Music Lovers, Magix Samplitude Music Studio is for me the best value DAW (=Digital Audio Workstation/Sequencer/Audio Host). It's a complete audio solution from creating notes over editing until final mastering and additional fx. It's based on the huge brother Samplitude Pro, that costs many more bucks and that has no limits... The samples Magix offering are gorgeous and it's a well known product since 90's commercials on viva tv 'Club Rotation'. But it's far away from just a simple click & arrange audio tool for lazy sample using producers. Damn many possibilities through VST (Virtual Studio Technology by Steinberg), nice looking GUI, intuitive knobs, innovative technologies and clever fusions (e.g. with yellow tools). Give that program a chance, my friends & producers DJ T.H. & DJ Donito got SAM 16, too. And we are now busy on almost every offical MP3 web shop. The Revolta² factory patches had not been trancy enough for me. So I've decided last year to create some own quality patches. During the process, I've tweaked and improved them again and again with my gear until now (dec. 2011). But of course they are designed for all music genre's especially electronic. (e.g. ambient/house/electro/trance/goa/hands up/hardstyle). I would be glad to hear them anywhere. Feel free to use all sounds in your productions (MP3 Songs/Movie Score etc.). You could surely beat with your quality stuff the well known artists, because the unknown is very graceful. It's one of our tumc's slogans. Just do it your way! Just want to thank god for his love & help, on creating this patches. Was hard, but fun work and for the passion with music :-) Installation: Extract the files and folder to the directory --->..SynthRevolta 2<--- where the other 158 factory patches are placed. Have a look on the screenshot. 'Anvil Patches Revolta² Screenshot' Try out the sounddemos to get a first impression (the files end with *.vip, just open it in your Magix host). The patches should work in every Revolta² version, so you could use Magix Music Maker, too. Hint: +++To extract .7z you need 7-Zip or Win Rar.+++ +++For fast preset change in Revolta², press picture up or picture down.+++ +++The maximum number of patches in Revolta² is 256. That means when factory stuff and anvil soundset is installed, you couln't paste more patches...+++ +++To establish the maxium creative power use as many plugins as posilble, freze them (Shortcut in SAM16 = STRG+SHIFT+F) and try to use another synth with a great deal (e.g. try out one of the best cmmercial vst plugins u-he zebra, it will work for 10 minutes until it goes 'wild' and unplayable). before it goes wild, just freeze the track+++ +++Another fine and cheap method for extend the sound is sfz player (free soundfont player), there are many soundfonts from varous hardware & instruments on the web.+++ +++libary based players have a great 'free' demo content libary with no limits but much smaller content. (E.g. Titan 'Free', Synth Werk 'Free', 'Alchemy Free')...+++ +++I love it when Magix sells 'older' products for a fair price. Have a look on your local dealer for older magix products, too. it's a good looking boxed version 'made in germany' quality.+++ Having phun and try to make some go(o)d music with this hints & soundset and other designed patches from me (Farbrausch V2, REFX Vanguard, Synth1). If not, it's not a shame. Everyone has begun beeing a small artist. how rude, many popular artist's can't remember that time beeing not such succesful. wish you all the best. and have a nice x-mas 2011 with this free gift. Greetz & Beatz DJ Anvil Trance/Megamix/Producer ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Total: 104 Patches ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Bank No. - Patch Name [comment] ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 152 - BR_Clockwork Aalto-AN [clockwork orange + anjunabeats track] 153 - BR_Flute Voice-AN [just another flute] 154 - BR_Synth Brass-AN [just another brass; close to 80's] 155 - BR_Whistle-AN [just another whistle] 156 - BS_Deep Dance-AN [i love dj deep] 157 - BS_Doggy Style-AN [mhh, luv it. snoop dogg prefer it.] 158 - BS_Electronica-AN [just another detuned saw for electro] 159 - BS_Main Bass-AN [standard bassline] 160 - BS_Power Hour-AN [powerful bassline] 161 - BS_Scooter-AN [the most succesful act in germany] 162 - BS_Wau-AN [i acid lines that sounds like a dog] 163 - FX_Fidget-AN [penetrates the ear] 164 - FX_Party Hardy-AN [I think chris liebing said that...] 165 - FX_Techno Siren-AN [should be close to tunnel hh siren] 166 - FX_U.F.O.-AN [just another u.f.o fx] 167 - GT_Anvil's Guitar-AN [gliding smooth trance guitar, gr8] 168 - GT_Colorful Trance-AN [i.m. red trance] 169 - GT_Crazy Steel-AN [just another steel guitar] 170 - GT_Destroyer-AN [hard e guitar] 171 - GT_Dream On-AN [depeche mode song] 172 - GT_God's Kitchen-AN [the creator & club in u.k., gr8] 173 - GT_Guitar Hero-AN [game for psx] 174 - GT_Han Solo Guitar-AN [skywalker's friend in star wars] 175 - GT_Plastic Nylon-AN [just another 'klampfe'] 176 - GT_Swim In The Sky2-AN [my best dream ever, swimming in the air] 177 - GT_Unreal-AN [strange guitar, 1st person shooter] 178 - KY_Animal-AN [anvil on minimal] 179 - KY_Cassius-AN [nice house artists] 180 - KY_Electronica-AN [just another electronic piano] 181 - KY_Holy Spirit-AN [just guide me the way...] 182 - KY_Jesus4Eva-AN [christian electronica & my youth circle] 183 - KY_Little Monsta-AN [minimonsta is a phat minimoog synthesizer] 184 - KY_Progressive-AN [designed for progressive house & trance] 185 - KY_Tandu-AN [producer of ayla] 186 - KY_Underwater-AN [song from delerium] ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 187 - LD_Above & Beyond-AN [my favourite trance artists on the globe] 188 - LD_Abstract Ear-AN [destination anvil(=incus); my first song] 189 - LD_Donito & Looper-AN [commercial project from sascha and me] 190 - LD_Dot.Win-AN [same sound used on german tv] 191 - LD_Dream Scape-AN [escarpismus, esc from reality into dream] 192 - LD_Dutch Strings-AN [4 strings, dutch vocal trance act] 193 - LD_Fortuna Shape-AN [fortuna düsseldorf, sounds like megara] 194 - LD_German Lead-AN [harder lead] 195 - LD_Goa Base-AN [goa base is the biggest goa forum] 196 - LD_Hard Timez-AN [song by westbam in the 90's] 197 - LD_L1ve Fake-AN [no words... to many fakers out there] 198 - LD_LeadIng-AN [best in every skill, slogan of my employer] 199 - LD_Linde AGas-AN [my employer since 2002, wordgame with AGA] 200 - LD_Monde Du Leon De X Jam-AN [read it backwards] 201 - LD_Mainfield InQontrol-AN [mainfield slogan, and party] 202 - LD_MONOpol-AN [just another monophonic synth] 203 - LD_Orange-AN [the orange theme anthem] 204 - LD_Psy Rave-AN [psy trance & 90's rave music, gr8] 205 - LD_Revolta²-AN [mhh, that synth is gorgeous] 206 - LD_Roland JP 80X0-AN [first synth with supersaw wave] 207 - [email protected] [my name in english] 208 - LD_SunBeam vs. Cyrus-AN [wordgame with beam and sunbeam] 209 - LD_Super Sine-AN [just another sine sound] 210 - LD_Super Sqare-AN [just another square sound] 211 - LD_Technikal-AN [i luv english hardtrance more than doggy] 212 - LD_Technobase.FM-AN [successful german radio with commmercial] 213 - LD_Technoclub Dorian Gray-AN [frankfurt airport club by talla 2xlc] 214 - LD_The Ultimate Virus-AN [TUMC - the ultimate mix compilation, gr8] 215 - LD_Tranceporter vs. DJ T.H.-AN [pioneer project from thom and me] 216 - PL_SAM Music Studio-AN [best value daw suite] 217 - PL_Super Pluck-AN [just another pluck] 218 - PL_Toca's Pluck-AN [popular song by fragma] 219 - PL_Trancy Pluck-AN [paul van pluck] 220 - ST_David Garath-AN [my budimon, and a place in düsseldorf] 221 - ST_Epic Father-AN [epic trance & the best friend] ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 222 - SY_Beauty Bells-AN [synthetic bells] 223 - SY_BLiP-AN [synthetic blip sound] 224 - SY_C3PO-AN [star wars again, metal on metal] 225 - SY_Crystal-AN [wonderful crystal cave synth] 226 - SY_D-anger Mafia-AN [swedish house mafia synth] 227 - SY_D-Anvil82-AN [my electro project] 228 - SY_D-Elektro-AN [elektro synth] 229 - SY_D-irty-AN [dirty elektoro synth] 230 - SY_D-Schland54-AN [schland oh schland, wonder of bern] 231 - SY_D-Schland74-AN [schland oh schland soccer in germany] 232 - SY_D-üsseldorf-AN [my hometown, home of 'kraftwerk'] 233 - SY_Kreitmann-AN [my music friend, gr8 composer & christian] 234 - SY_Little Star-AN [starleith, right?... twinkle winkle) 235 - SY_Maxxximum Tripple-AN [tree different sounds in one synth patch] 236 - SY_Mixfreaks Podcast-AN [my podcast with more than 900 megamixes] 237 - SY_Mushroom-AN [infected mushroom, jewish goa artists] 238 - SY_Norefjell-AN [song by tiesto with that sound] 239 - SY_Organ-AN [organ donor's or what?!?] 240 - SY_Partyservice-AN [huge fan of this radio broadcast on l1ve] 241 - SY_PussyCat-AN [i love thoose acid cat's too] 242 - SY_Space Race-AN [nice 4k intro on] 243 - SY_SpaceCat&Spacekid-AN [another slower cat & atb's co procuder] 244 - SY_Star Traveller-AN [song by dutch system 'f' ferry corsten] 245 - SY_Sunshine Love-AN [sunshine live, famous german dance radio] 246 - SY_The Scene-AN [there are different scenes on the web] 247 - SY_Weichei-AN [german hardstyle like warmduscher] 248 - VO_Age Of Love-AN [favourite oldscool trance anthem] 249 - VO_Chris Le Fedde-AN [i don't know, it don't interrest me] 250 - VO_Heavenly-AN [song from alex m.o.r.p.h. & woody van eyden] 251 - VO_Magix Voice-AN [nice voce of magix} 252 - VO_Oldschool-AN [older voice] 253 - VO_Sex on the B!tch_AN [what did i get for 10 dollar? everything^^] 254 - VO_Technology-AN [techno voice] 255 - VO_Voice For Boys-AN [close to binary voice, gr8] ----------------------------------------+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ BR - Brass BS - Bass FX - Effect GT - Guitar KY - Keyboard LD - Lead PL - Pluck ST - String SY - Synthetic VO - Voice Hint: Root Key for Percussions: C1! gr8 = great, maybe it's time for an anvil award...


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Tunes to meditate to? Lol! Like your sounds.

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Magix Revolta 2 Free

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Loving this Sir! Very Nice! Please check my latest track out =D

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Magix Revolta 2 Free Pc

whats the name of all the songs used? would love to listen to full versions

Magix revolta 2 free download

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Magix Revolta 2 Free Utorrent

@edimbo4: It's DJ Manian, Handz Up Producer of Cascada ;) Song is called 'Ravers in the UK'. Have a look on youtub, hot offical video... cheerz

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Whats the song name ?

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