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  • Steam Workshop: Total War: ATTILA. This is the files needed to play the Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 for Attila. All of them must be used together. h1Recommended Mod Loading Order/h1 Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD Scripts All Se.
  • It's been over 5 years in the making across 2 games, but the Medieval Kingdoms 1212 campaign is finally available to all! Our Open Alpha phase starts today. The campaign as it stands is obviously in an incomplete state, missing technologies, naval units, and mercenaries, though we have plans to add much content in the near future.

Forum: Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 AD This is a major overhaul for Rome 2 transforming it to the Medieval era being the first of it's kind. It will add a lot of new units, models, textures as well as groundbreaking advances in modeling such as new deployables and siege weapons and animations.

The collection of mods required for the campaign map.Remember to have all the mk.models active in the mods list, except the mk.modelsbase!Hello everyone and welcome back to another How To video! In this one, I show you how to install the 1220 Medieval Kingdoms Campaign for Total War Atilla. A couple of thing to note before starting the install process:1. Need a paid copy of TW Attila2. Need the DLC (culture packs) to get more playable factions3. Need a working install of Medieval Kingdoms 1212ADIf you haven't installed Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD, here is a link to that 'How to Install' video:INSTALLATION:Test Submod PG 1220 v 1.3.1 (and so on)1.

To subscribe to all parts of the mod(select the language pack)2.Be sure!!!Download the package data3.Unzip to the data folder with the game with replacement!

Total War: Medieval Kingdoms 1212AD Campaign - France #4 MEDIEVAL KINGDOMS TOTAL WAR ATTILA: ENGLAND CAMPAIGN EP. 1 KING OF SCOTS! Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212 AD: Scotland Campaign Gameplay #1 Warhammer 2 High Elf Mortal Empires Livestream First Steps:: Medieval Kingdom Wars Gameplay (Castile): #05 Kingdom Of England's Valiant Defense - Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212AD GOLDEN HORDE!

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Medieval Kingdoms 1212 Ad Mod

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Medieval Kingdoms Total War 1212ad

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Medieval Kingdoms 1212 Ad Campaign

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Content of the article: 'Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD – The story of Bohemia'


It's 1212 AD. Bohemia became independent from the Holy Roman Empire. It was the first step towards becoming a great empire. The king – Otakar I. recruited more soldiers from Prague and attacked Brandenburg. The enemy underestimated him and sallied forth. They were crushed by the combination of spearmen and cavalry. The next turn Brandenburg was taken. It was a castle, so more units were recruited. The army now had more than 2400 soldiers. Before the entire army could replenish, the Duchy of Silesia besieged Brandenburg. After 3 years, they finally attacked. They had more experienced soldiers that couldn't be killed easily. However, when the Silesian army was tightly packed trying to break the formation of the Zatraceni, the Bohemian Knights and King's Bodyguards charged from the rear. The enemy started runming for their lives. Every single Silesian was slaughtered. Otakar lost only like 500 men, so he still had around 1900. There was a great opportunity to take Wroclaw, but it vanished. When Otakar was marching on the city, Prague got surrounded from all sides by huge armies of Austria, Saxony and HRE. Otakar had to act quickly. When he arrived near Prague, the Saxons and HRE withdrew and the Austrians were crushed and forced to make peace. The buildings in Prague were repaired and it was finally time to take Wroclaw. Upon arriving there, the Bohemian army was shocked to see 2 full stack Silesian armies, but it laid siege anyway. The Silesians attacked right away. The Bohemians were losing hope, but then the archers killed the enemy generals and the cavalry came out of the forest, charging the Silesian army. They started to rout, but few made it out alive. Otakar lost many men, but he still had around 1000. It was enough to take the devastated Silesian capital, but then the Saxons and HRE came near Prague again. The siege had to be abandoned. Luckily the army arrived in time. The HRE withdrew and the Saxons were defeated and driven back. The army replenished and marched on Wroclaw again, only to see another two full stack armies. Then everything happened again. The Silesian were defeated, but the siege had to be abandoned because the HRE arrived near Prague. When the army arrived there, the HRE withdrew. What was that supposed to mean? What were the Germans doing? The army then laid siege to Wroclaw again, fought off the Silesian armies, but this time nobody was near Prague. Wroclaw was finally taken after so many years. Otakar peacefully died there, and was succeeded by his son Václav, who also became the commander of his father's army. Václav stabilized the kingdom and negotiated trade agreements with Denmark and the Yotvingians to provide additional income. He also secured the southern border with a non-aggression pact with Hungary. Then he started preparing for a great invasion of the Holy Roman Empire and Saxony. A second army was raised under the command of Vladislav, Václav's brother. His army was the same as Václav's, except it had better archers. When everything was ready, Václav marched on Frankfurt and Vladislav on Wittenberg. Václav was ambushed on his way, but he managed to defeat the Imperials at the cost of many soldiers. Frankfurt was barely defended, but it was necessary to withdraw to replenish. Meanwhile, Vladislav couldn't attack Wittenberg, because there were two full stack Saxon armies and an Imperial army. Instead, he set up a fort on the border in case any of these armies decide to attack. They didn't. After Václav's army replenished, he marched on Frankfurt again. It was still barely defended, so he attacked and defeated the garrison. Since Vladislav couldn't take Wittenberg just by himself, Václav had to help. Vladislav laid siege to the city so the army inside couldn't help the Imperial army that Václav attacked and defeated while the other Saxon army was out of reinforcement range. Václav then chased the remaining soldiers of the Imperial army deep into a forest, so they couldn't reinforce the Saxons. The army was destroyed, but Václav army was devastated not only by battles, but also by the deep forest attrition. Then the Saxons sallied forth, overwhelming Vladislav. He managed to win a pyrrhic victory. Cavalry was the key. His army suffered heavy casualities and now had less than 500 soldiers, but it replenished quickly because Wittenberg was a leveled fortress. Same with Václav's army. Then they took the last Imperial city – Braunschweig togheter. The HRE now didn't have any settlements left, but they had an army in Denmark. It quickly returned to Germany and desperately tried to take Braunschweig back, but it was destroyed in the process. The HRE is no more. Both armies recruited Hospitallers and better archers in Braunschweig. Now it was time to attack the Upstalsboom League. They had a huge army in Groningen, so both Václav and Vladislav had to come. The Duchy of Brabant joined Upstalsboom, but they would soon regret that. Groningen was captured, but with very high casualities for both armies. Turning the Brabant into a puppet state was the last thing to do before focusing on Bavaria and Austria. A third army was raised under the command of Zikmund – Václav's young heir. It would guard the north while the other armies were down in Austria. After both armies replenished, they began the siege of Antwerp. It lasted a few years, because the Brabant had full stack armies with very experienced soldiers. Meanwhile, the kingdom became rich. Thanks to the city of Groningen and it's superior buildings, Bohemia had an income of more than 7500. With all this money, more building were build all over the kingdom, making it even richer. Then, Antwerp was taken and the Duchy of Brabant was now a Bohemian vassal. It was a pyrrhic victory, so before invading Bavaria and Austria both armies had to replenish. They started marching south while Zikmund recruited some soldiers to keep the north protected. The next turn, those cursed Brabant pigs made themselves independent! But hey, at least there is no war with them. The siege of Munich was very long. Bavaria had strong armies there and the Bohemian armies were not fully replenished. They had to strike fast before the enemy raises another army. After the city was finally taken after a pyrrhic victory, both Václav and Vladislav peacefully died. Zikmund, Václav's son was now the king. He was still guarding the north, waiting for the conquest of Bavaria and Austria to be completed. Václav's army was now under the command of Hrabis – Vladislav's son. The new commander of Vladislav's army was his second son – Albrecht. After his army replenished a bit, he laid siege to Vienna. Austria had absolutely no armies, so Hrabis could siege their second city – Graz and finish them. However, Munich had public order issues because it wasn't rebuilt yet after the long siege. He had to stay there. Trade agreement were forged with the Teutonic Order and Switzerland. Bohemia now had an income of 13000! Albrecht decisively won over the Austrian garrison and took Vienna. Not long after, Graz fell too. Now it was time to invade the kingdoms of Denmark and Sweden. Another trade agreement was negotiated with Portugal. Then, the Croatians arrived. They wanted Graz. However, there was a mutiny in thwir army and they had to make peace. Now, the invasion of Denmark has begun. They were joined by their many vassals and allies. Albrecht attacked Stralsund and Hrabis was to assist him, while Zikmund besieged Hamburg. 2 strong Danish armies came to defeat Zikumnd, but his army killed around 2500 Danes at the cost of like 150 men. Without the Hospitaller cavalry, this battle could not have such good results. In Stralsund, the Danes sallied forth. And Hrabis was still on his way. Albrecht had to fight that horde by himself. He was defeated. The Danish infantry kept coming and coming. At the last wave, the men lost heart and fled. The next turn, Hrabis arrived and took the severely weakened city, while Albrecht was replenishing and recruiting in home territory. Bohemia was now the strongest kingdom in Europe. Zikmund then captured Hamburg. Denmark's army had been reduced to dust. Hrabis went east to fight the Poles and take Poznan. It was a close victory. An army was raised under Kuník in Graz, because Switzerland and France were acting suspiciously with their armies in the region. It would have Hospitaller cavalry, dismounted knights and a few spearmen. Albrecht then took Roskilde. Zikmund now faced a decision. March on the final Danish city – Aarhus? Or attack the Swedish army on the sea? He risked a siege of Roskiled or Stralsund by the Swedes and moved to Aarhus to destroy the Danes. Luckily, the Swedish army didn't even move. Denmark sallied forth and was defeated. In Poznan, the Poles tried to break the siege. They were defeated. Then, the Duchy of Pomerania's army came to help the Poles, because they had no armies left. Hrabis only had around 1200 men. Less than half of his army remained now, facing the Pomeranians. The soldiers fought to the death. And won. When all the Pomeranian soldiers were busy, the Hospitaller cavalry and Hrabis killed the enemy general. Soon the entire Pomeranian army fled. A pyrrhic victory. 300 soldiers remained. But as Poland had no garrison in Poznan, the city was taken. And Poland was no more. Zikmund took Aarhus and ultimately destroyed Denmark. Sweden was the only thing left to take care of in the north. The plan was that after defeating the Swedes, Zikmund and Albrecht would unite with Hrabis and push east, where they would take Gardinas from the Yotvingians, Krakow from Lesser Poland and Halych. Peace negotiations with the Teutonic Order were unsuccessful. Perhaps it will be required to make them a vassal? Then, Albrecht and Zikmund abandoned stabilizing public order in Aarhus and Roskilde to attack Lodose – the Swedish capital. They again risked an attack by that one Swedish army on the sea. The army in Lodose sallied forth and was defeated. That sea army didn't do anything. Then Lodose was captured. However the army on the sea was still there, ready to take any of the port cities.

At this point, a Medieval Kingdoms 1212 AD update was released. It changed everything about the Holy Roman Empire. Bohemia was affected too. I couldn't continue the campaign – upon attempting to load the saves the game would crash instantly.

I couldn't lead Bohemia to become the greatest empire of the world. At least it became a very strong kingdom.


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