Oktava Mk 319 Manual

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The Oktava mk-319 is one of the finest and well equipped mic in its category. If you are looking for a simple yet powerful tool for your home recordings, this is the mic to buy. Its frequency response and versatility in use makes it a worthy buy. The Oktava 319 appears to be an attempt to repair some of the defects in the 219 design, but—although the body is better damped on it—the grille assembly has even worse resonance problems. It can be helped with RTV on the inside of the microphone body, as can the 219, but reinforcing the 319 grille assembly to prevent it from ringing is.

Oktava Mk 319 Manual

Oktava Mk 319 Manual Transmission

  1. The Oktava MK-319 is handmade in Russia. It is based on the popular MK219 capsule and electronics but with redesigned housing that provides a more open sound. It features a fixed-cardioid pattern, has a large gold-sputtered diaphragm, and a warm 'up front' sound that has made it a new favorite for use on vocals.10dB switch and bass roll-off switches, 20Hz to 20kHz response.
  2. The Public Joint Stock Company Oktava is the leading Russian manufacturer of studio microphones, telephone and microphone. Carefully read the operation manual. Keep the manual in a safe place, accessible for all users. Microphone MK-319 is a large-diaphragm condenser microphone, designed for professional studio recordings.
  3. The Unofficial GT-3 Owner’s Manual Supplement. BOSS DR-5 4-track Loop Sequencer. Oktava MK 319 Condenser Mic. TC Helicon VoiceTone “Correct” Processor. Used on all vocal tracks processed after 23 September 2009. Behringer MX 1602A Mixer. Audacity Multi-Track Recording Software. Boss FS-6 Dual Footswitch power mod.
1- Ifyou wantto DIY, the electronics only mod kit is available - $48 forStandard, and $63 for Premium. Theprovided Instructions just show part placement.

Oktava Mk 319 Review

2- The Electronics only modification service - $89, forStandard, and$110 for Premium
3 - Thefull modification service -$132, for Standard, and $152 for Premium

The319electronics mod kit contains all the components listed below. Detailedstep by step instructions, like those provided with the 012 kit, arenot included with the 319 kits. Pictures showing all the part placementare included.

Majorchanges come frommodifications to the body and capsule basket. Just hold a 319inyourhand and tap the basket screen with your finger. You will hear it'ring' and feel the vibration in your hand. As part of themodification, damping of the body, the basket supports, andisolation of the capsule, virtually eliminate this. One layerofcapsule basket screening is removed.This opens up the basket,minimizing sonic reflections andreduces some 'ringing'. Normally the capsule diaphragmresonatordiscs are removed. This is optional, removing them provides a warmermore rolled-off top end, they are intended to trap the high-freq andextend range. I prefer them removed.

Allcritical electroniccomponents are upgraded to quality parts. Polypropylene capacitors areused in the direct signal path. All the components on the PC boardare replaced except for 5 resistors and thetransformer. The improvements in the electronics increase the high and low endresponse, flatten the response, increase detail, warmth, and provide alower noise level.
The low cut and attenuation switch daughter board is removed. Theswitches will remain, but will not function. long wires goingtothe daughter board directly carry the capsule signal, this causes lossin sonic detail. The removed daughter board is returned toyou,as are all removed parts and components (removed screen is notreturned).
In Summary:
The body is damped
One layer of head basket screening is removed
Damping material is applied to the inside of the basket supportingposts
The capsule is isolated from Vibration
The PC Board is
isolated from Vibration
The capsule diaphragmresonatordiscs are removed
Damping material isadded at thebase of the capsule
All critical electroniccomponentsare upgraded to quality parts
The low cut andattenuation switchdaughter board is removed
Q1 - FET Toshiba Audio
R1 - 1G MOX Thick FilmResistor
R2 - 1G MOX Thick FilmResistor
R7 - 1% Metal FilmResistor
R8 - 1% Metal FilmResistor
C2 - COG Monolith Cap
C3 - Tantalum Cap
C5 - COGMonolith Cap
C6 - COGMonolith Cap
C7 - Tantalum Cap
C8 - Polypropylene Cap
C9 - Tantalum Cap

Adifference you can Hear!
'I just wanted to thankyou againfor mod'ing my 319. I was able to domore recording with the mic today and I have to say that I really loveit! Before I had you work on it, I would take it out, give it a try onsome tracks, and end up putting it back in the drawer and re-recordingthe tracks with a different mic. You've made this mic into oneseriously great mic. Where the sound was muddy and distant even whenpractically eating the mic, it's now clear, yet with that nice, warmsound that the 319 has become known for. If this is what you call asignificant difference, I can't wait to hear what you call a dramaticdifference when I send you my 012's.'
Juan Pineda

'Ifinished the modon the weekend. This was my first electronics project in averylong time, so it isn't pretty, but the results are amazing. Thething I notice most is the difference on sibilant sounds. Thecombination of physical and electronic changes removes the 'esh'ingthat I notice on most mics below several hundred to even a thousanddollars. I used to have to put in de-essing plug ins tocompensate. Now I can just enjoy the sonic characteristics oftherecording. There are other qualities that I'm noticing too - changes inthe frequency range and the like - that I'm still getting my ears usedto. They're hard to describe, but make the recording far morepleasing to listen to. Thanks for all of your help.'
Sean Mcgee

Oktava Mk 319 Mod

Oktava Mk 319 Manual Parts

'Iwanted to giveyou an update on the four 319's you help mod for me. To refresh yourmemory, I did the physical mods and you finished them off with theelectronic mods. Anyway, I have used them for multiple purposes, twopoint stereo, guitar/bass cabs, piano, drum OH's, and more and theyhave performed very nicely. I have used them with some big dogs, i.e,Schoeps ccm4's, Neumann SM69, 103's 184's, AGK 460's Royer ribbons,etc, and they have fit right in. I can't believe that for so littlemoney I've ended up with such a great mic. I bought four of them newfor $79.00 each and after the mod I've got $200 into each mic. Theycertainly outperform this price point and much higher point. My nextstep is to make a damping corset, made out of leather, to wrap aroundthe outside of each mic. I think this will really damp any resonanceproblems that remain and should look great, too. Finally, the proof isin the pudding. Almost all my recordings have at least two 319's in useand my clientele have thoroughly enjoyed their recording and haveshowered me with praise.'
Raymond Ackerman
Recording Engineer
First Chair Recording
Center for the Arts, Homer NY

Oktava Mk 319 Manual Typewriters

'Hi Bill........Gotmy mic and I love it. I had to do some experimenting at first as to howto position it. Before, I got a better sound straight up. Now I get abetter sound having it hang down. The big thing I notice is the highsare super crisp and don't splatter when I throw a little EQ in post.The base is nice and tight and if I really get right on the mic, the(in your face) sound is probably the best I've ever heard. I take itthat the spare parts are what you took out of it? Thanks again Bill. Itreally sounds awesome. I can't wait to show my friends who also haveMK319's.'

'VanRitshie here.You recently did a mod to my MK319. You mentioned to me that the micwould get better as time went on. Let me tell you Bill, at this pointin time I could not be happier. I've had a lot of compliments frompeople I do steady VO work for on how my spots are sounding. Again,thank you Bill for a great job.'
Voice of The PGA Tour on
The Golf Channel