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Posted : admin On 12/26/2021
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Kodi 18.8 problems with The Crew and Exodus Redux OC Exodus Redux and THE CREW addons not showing paid and free episode lists when selecting any tv shows on Kodi version 18.8. The Kodi Pac 12 addon is one of the plugins we recommended to you in our list of the 10 best Kodi addons to watch College Football. If you are interested on installing it and enjoying Guide: How to Install Kodi Pac 12 addon on your media center is a post from htpcBeginner. Επιλέγω Pac-12 Network από τη λίστα των προσθέτων. Θα εμφανιστεί η οθόνη πληροφοριών του πρόσθετου; Κάντε κλικ εγκαθιστώ; Πώς να χρησιμοποιήσετε το PAC-12 για το Kodi. Το addon PAC-12 Kodi είναι εύκολο στη χρήση. Select the latest version of the SuperRepo for your version of Kodi and install it. Navigate to the Add-ons menu again and select Install from Repository. Select SuperRepo to populate the apps list. This might take a while as it is a long list. Select the Programs repository to install that into Kodi. Go back to Add-ons again and select Download.

Nowadays live streaming sports are very famous as there are many exclusive matches from premium channels. This year many Kodi Addons transmitting live sports events have targeted by the big ISPs and forced to close down (Phoenix and Navi-X were the biggest exits until now). However, there are still addons to watch Sports TV Channels or Streaming by the event. You can also go through this list, try them, and keep your favorites ones. In this article, we are going to talk about Best Add-on to Watch F1 on Kodi online. Let’s begin!

When you have got the need for speed, there’s only one thing that can satisfy it: Formula 1 racing. Watching F1 live on TV can be an inconvenience though. Cable subscriptions are expensive, availability is actually never guaranteed, and if you travel abroad, then you may not be able to access the stream at all. Moreover, the open-source media center Kodi provides an elegant solution to these problems. With a little time and the right add-ons, you can also watch F1 live on any Kodi-enabled device.

Secure Your Connection with a VPN

Kodi is a free piece of software, and it’s completely legal to use around the globe, too. Its open-source nature means anyone can create new plug-in content, but, which allows for extensions that access content that could be illegal in your area as well. This has caught the attention of lawmakers and ISPs alike, triggering also increased surveillance and even data throttling for legitimate Kodi users.

You can avoid these unfortunate drawbacks by using a good VPN. Virtual private networks encrypt all of your online traffic, make it unreadable to third parties. Data is routed via the VPN’s non-local server network to remove traces of your identity, as well, that allows you to utilize non-local IP addresses when you stream movies safely and securely.


If you’re streaming F1 racing, sports, movies, or also any online content via Kodi, then you need to take a few precautions. IPVanish is the perfect solution to lock down your Kodi streams to make them secure and safe, all while preserving the fast speeds you need for HD streams.

IPVanish runs more than 950 servers in 60 different countries, each one offering incredibly fast downloads speeds. Your data is kept secure with 256-bit AES encryption, a zero-logging policy on all traffic, DNS leak protection, and also an automatic kill switch. You also get completely unmonitored and unlimited traffic with full, private access to torrents, P2P networks, and also all of Kodi add-ons!!

Which Add-ons you should use – Official or Unofficial? f1 on kodi

Kodi’s add-ons are actually divided into two categories: official and unofficial. Official content is packaged by the Kodi team and is guaranteed to be high quality, safe, and legal as well. None of these add-ons access streams that could be pirated, so you know you aren’t breaking any laws if you stick with official Kodi add-ons actually.

Unofficial add-ons are actually known to bend the rules a little bit. Many of them are perfectly harmless, but you can run into broken links, poor quality streams, or even illegally obtained videos as well. You’re taking a slight risk when using unofficial add-ons, so make sure that you know the consequences before diving in.

Enable Unknown Sources

Best Kodi Addons For Pc

In order to gain access to Kodi’s add-ons, you’ll have to install them through repositories. Kodi can download and manage these files for you, but you’ll have to quickly toggle an internal option before this actually can happen. Follow these steps below to do that.

  • Open Kodi and tap on the gear icon to enter the System menu.
  • Hover over System Settings > Add-ons.
  • Go to the slider next to the Unknown sources option.
  • Then accept the warning message that pops up.

F1 Live on Kodi – Official Add-ons

There is one official add-on for Kodi that can help you to access live F1 racing streams in remarkably high quality. It comes with a few drawbacks, but, including a required subscription with a cable provider. If you meet the needs you can have fast access to F1 at all times, so it’s worth checking into.

NBC Sports Live Extra

NBC Sports Live actually Extra pulls content from NBC’s official sports broadcasting sources. The channel is home to everything from NASCAR to the PGA Tour, NHL games, Premier League soccer, the Super Bowl, and also the Olympics. The network also broadcasts Formula 1 Grand Prix events from around the globe, that makes it easy to keep up with the latest events from your Kodi device!

Follow the installation guides below in order to add NBC Sports to Kodi. You have to consult NBC’s F1 broadcast schedule to see when the next event will air, but then you’ll be ready to stream as soon as they begin.

Install NBC Sports Live Extra f1 on kodi

NBC Sports Live Extra is included in Kodi’s official repository, which makes the installation a breeze. You can install the add-on just follow these steps below.

  • Run Kodi, go to the main menu, then select Add-ons.
  • Tap the open box icon and select Install from the repository.
  • Scroll down and tap the Kodi Add-on repository.
  • Select the Video add-ons category.
  • Search for NBC Sports Live Extra on the list, and then install.

When you install the add-on, then you’ll need to activate it, which needs an active subscription with a cable provider. Open the add-on and Kodi will prompt you to pair your device. Follow the instructions below to enable the access, then you’re all ready to stream.

  • Go to
  • Choose your device and cable provider.
  • Then Type your activation code listed in the Kodi pop-up window.
  • When activated, NBC’s website will then redirect you to your cable provider’s login page.
  • Enter your details and then sign in.
  • When activation is complete, then go back to Kodi, close the pop-up, and then start streaming.

Best Unofficial Kodi Add-ons

Kodi’s unofficial add-ons can be unreliable and also difficult to use, but if you use the suggestions below, then you’ll have a great chance at finding the right streams to watch live F1 racing.

The somewhat unconventional streaming add-on Sports365.Live is actually a masterpiece of chaotic minimalist design. It does not feature categories, sortable lists, on-demand sports, or anything of that nature. Rather, you get a flat directory listing of all the live sports broadcasts the add-on currently has access to from around the globe, sorted by time. You’ll see everything from rugby to soccer to American football to foreign F1 racing, all other dumped into a single screen.

Sure, Sports365.Live is actually frustrating to browse sometimes, but this minimalism is also its biggest strength. The add-on has a massive amount of variety, that includes multiple link sources for each broadcast. If you know your Formula 1 event will be on the air at a particular time, check Sports365. Live, it will likely have a decent quality stream that you can enjoy.

Install Sports365. Live f1 on Kodi

Sports365.Live is also available from a relatively new repository known as Bookmark. First, you’ll have to add this repo to your system, then dive inside and look for the add-on itself. These steps below will guide you through the whole process.

  • Start at Kodi’s main menu, then tap on the gear icon at the top of the screen.
  • Scroll down to File Manager, then select Add source in the left-hand pane.
  • In the Add File Source window, tap in the center where it says <none>.
  • Then type the following repo URL into the box that opens:
  • Tap OK, then type a name in the box where indicated. Use something descriptive, such as bookmark-repo
  • Click OK, then go back to the Kodi main menu.
  • Tap Add-ons and click the open box icon at the top.
  • Select Install from the zip file and select the bookmark-repo entry you created above.
  • Click the file marked and then wait for the install to complete.
  • From the open box menu again, choose Install from the repository.
  • Choose Bookmark Repository followed by Video add-ons.
  • Look for the Sports365 add-on in the list, then tap to install.
  • When the download completes, you can also access Sports365. Live from the main add-ons menu at any time.

Project Mayhem Sports f1 on Kodi

Project Mayhem Sports is actually a great all-around live sports stream add-on. It focuses on broadcasting sources categorized by individual sport, which gives you the ability to stream content from Sky Sports, Canal+, Bein, Sky Sport, Pac 12, and all other worldwide networks. With it, you can also tune in to American football, martial arts, fitness videos, and also all the F1 racing you want!

Install Project Mayhem

Project Mayhem is actually a part of the Maverick repository. If you want to install it, all you have to do is grab the repo, get the add-on, and start streaming. Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be up and running!

  • Open your web browser and then visit the official Maverick repository page.
  • Download the file and then save it somewhere convenient.
  • Open Kodi, go to the main menu, then select Add-ons.
  • Tap the open box icon at the top and select Install from Zip File.
  • Navigate to repository.maverickrepo and then install it.
  • From the open box menu again, select Install from the repository.
  • Scroll down and open the MaverickTV repository.
  • Enter the Video add-ons folder.
  • Choose Project Mayhem and install.

FTFA f1 on Kodi

FTFA is a broadly focused extension that actually comes with a lot of streaming options. You can use it to watch movies and TV shows from around the globe, or to hunt down live sports, as well. You pick shows and sports by navigating channels based on location, picking from a variety of UK- and U.S.-based servers for a staggering amount of options as well. It takes some getting used to, but when you know where to look for F1 content, you’ll be able to jump in and get your racing fix in seconds.

Below is an instant look at the main categories of content FTFA offers:

  • UK Channels – The UK servers include BT Sport, Euro Sport, Sky Sport, and many channels devoted to soccer and racing.
  • USA Channels – The U.S. server options have a selection of broadcast channels such as CBS, NBC, FOX, and ABC. Sportsnet is also available, as are ESPN and Fight HD as well.
  • PPV LIVE – Pay per see events broadcast live as they air.

Install FTFA

FTFA is available as part of a few different repositories, however, we prefer Brettus, as it maintains a reliable, up-to-date version of the necessary files. You may also need to verify the installation via an external website after installation. Follow these steps below from start to finish and then you’ll be ready to watch F1.

  • Run Kodi on your device, go to the main menu, then press the gear icon.
  • Hover over File Manager > Add Source.
  • Now add the following URL into the text box:
  • Enter an easy-to-remember name, like .toptut
  • Tap OK. Kodi will then add the repo to your sources list.
  • Go to the main menu and choose Add-ons.
  • Tap the box icon at the top of the menu.
  • Select Install from Zip File, then choose the repo above.
  • Scroll down and then find the file named
  • Install the repo, and then go back to the open box menu.
  • Select Install from Repository.
  • Choose the entry named Brettus Builds Repository.
  • Go to Video add-ons and scroll until you see FTFA.
  • Install, then launch the FTFA add-on.

If you need to activate FTFA, just launch the add-on, then follow these simple steps:

  • A window will then open in Kodi asking for a PIN.
  • Tap OK and a website will load in your browser.
  • Tap the blue GENERATE button to receive a PIN. It will look something like this: AB1234
  • Copy the PIN, then go back to Kodi and then paste it into the active window.
  • The PIN will validate and you are free to stream.

UK Turk Playlists f1 on kodi

The UK Turk Playlists add-on is one of the oldest and best resources for movies, TV shows, live sports, and also about everything else that you can imagine. Variety is its biggest strength, however, you’ll also find great quality streams with an impressive reliability record. You can also dive in and check the UK Turk sports section to look for F1 streams. Availability isn’t guaranteed, but it’s also a great add-on to check when other resources fail.


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