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Origin World:Vas Demith
Current HomelandThronefast
Available Classes
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  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen - 'Terminus' by PantheonMMO published on 2015-02-28T18:51:31Z Music composed by Chris Perkins for Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen's OST.
  • Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen is an MMORPG based on challenging gameplay and open world high fantasy, with a strong focus on group-oriented content. It takes place in a world populated by deities and heroes called Terminus. Mortal and planar shards have collided, creating the dramatic and epic environment of Terminus.

Human is a race available to player characters in Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen.

Read PDF Pantheon legendary challenge. Be the first to experience new systems like Colored Mana, The Living Codex, the Progeny System, the Perception System, and much more. Battle against fierce enemies, and even the world itself. Pantheon: Rise of the Fallen Pantheon, building in Rome that was Page 7/24.

On the Humans[editedit source]

True power speaks not a word, yet its presence is deafening. The city of Thronefast has been that presence for the Humans for nearly 500 years, and to know their heights of power is to behold the capital, a breathtaking jewel in the light of dawn. The breadth of their influence is glimpsed in the majestic navy, unrivaled on the open waters. Students and masters of nearly every art and discipline, Humans' middle-rung size and strength is perhaps a lone mediocrity, their oft flamboyant pride not withering before kings, ghouls or dragons.


Male Human Avatar

Of Their Tale[editedit source]

Of all the multitudes scattered across Terminus, no other group has been so defined, aided and threatened by their leaders as the Humans. When first arriving on the continent that became Kingsreach, the frail colony was helpless under a winter so stark it was called 'cursed'. Only by heavy reliance upon the nearby Elves of Faerthale did they outlast the tempest. Yet in the thaws of Spring, the Human King Amensol rallied his people to found a city all their own: Havensong. Settled in a forest at the base of the Roan Mountains, the town was a jewel of dedicated effort, born from a people unified by their harrows and trials. That very year, Amensol and his Queen welcomed their firstborn son, Avendyr, as heir, and the fate of the race was aimed to soar.

Yet less than twenty five years later the Humans were facing extinction. Seven years into the Deicide War, the Ravaging Lord of the Revenant permitted one of the Human's former gods, Ossari, rain down upon Havensong every nightmare of war his armies possessed. The undermanned city endured a three week siege, and King Amensol was cast among the corpses of his soldiers, slain by Ossari the Betrayer himself. The High Mortal's fury culminated in having every sundered shred of the ruined city carried to the cliffs of Ru'lun and thrown into the churning seas below. The young heir Avendyr spent his first night as king shepherding survivors back to the Silent Sanctum in the belly of the Roans, not stopping for the dawn or to grieve.

When the Deicide War turned in favor of the Sacred Six races, Avendyr gained a broad reputation for battlefront leadership and also for his gift of stirring oration. His famed 'Speech of Souls' is still repeated amongst Humans and Elves, credited with reviving the hearts of the 'surviving dead', a reference to the broken hearted victors of the war. With the bold vision of his father, The First King Out of the Sanctum inspired his people with the founding of Thronefast, a coastal seat of power that flourished into the preeminent trade and commerce hub on Terminus. At the time of Avendyr's death in 525 IH, the capital city had no equal in wealth or influence, no peer in beauty or acclaim, and his passing was honored across four continents.

Over 450 years later the Humans are still prospering, though the heritage of sacrifice and service has been exchanged for vice amongst much of the aristocracy. Nevertheless, Amenthiel 'The Lady King', a true blood heir of Avendyr, has shown traits of her ancestor's character and composure. Since the horrifying Catastrophe at Azeris took the life of her husband as well as her predecessor to the throne, Amenthiel's nerve and shrewdness thwarted enemies of a suddenly weakened Thronefast. In a speech shouted to peasant and wellborn alike, Amenthiel set the course of the nation like a steady captain emerging from the clutches of a maelstrom. While the Humans have endured yet another peril, their city glimmers like the ancient crown set upon their fair regent's dauntless brow, for now.

Racial Passives[editedit source]

Humans have an innate advantage against creatures with the Alarmist Disposition.

A People Inspired

Increases Melee, Ranged and Spell haste by 2%.


Bonus to faction gained with neutral factions.
Increases experience gained through Exploration

Shield Specialization

Increases Shield Mastery skill by 10 points.

Thronefastian Charm

Increases the effectiveness of skills and abilities modified by Charisma


Game Guide[editedit source]

For an in-depth guide, please see Race Guide.

Humans are an incredibly versatile race, capable of being any class and alignment (class choice still determines alignment availability). With generally even stats across the board and two racial passives that are useful for any class, Humans are an all around safe choice.

The following is summarized from the Race Guide. For more details, be please that article.


Exceptional: Enchanter, Paladin, Ranger and Warrior

Decent: Cleric, Druid, Shaman, Summoner and Wizard

Poor: Dire Lord, Monk and Rogue

Gallery[editedit source]

Pantheon Rise Of The Fallen Download Free

  • A female Human Monk [2018]

  • A male Human Rogue [2018]

References[editedit source]

Pantheon Rise Of The Fallen Game Download

When Does Pantheon Mmo Release

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Pantheon Rise Of The Fallen Download Full

With a lot of the discussions going on about wanting more difficulty, the conflict between different groups in the community over what is desired game play, I thought this would be something some would be interested in.
Disclaimer: Keep in mind this game is not estimated to be released until 2017/2018 and like any game, there is always the chance it may never be released.
That said, this game is the spiritual successor of EQ/Vanguard and is being designed to fulfill the needs of the audiences who desire the older style of MMO design which put a very strong emphasis on risk/reward, challenge, exploration, Group reliance, and community building. The game will be designed for group play specifically. Soloing is not discouraged, but it will not be catered to either. Death will have consequences as there will be corpse/gear retrieval when you die (to what extent is being decided). Class balance will not be the focus, rather their goal will be to insure every class can bring something to the group that is useful and productive to play. The game will bring back the old holy trinity style of play (Tank/Healer/Crowd Control). Exploration in the world will be dangerous, death is likely and the individual will need to take caution while traveling.
Anyway, many of the old aspects of play that put EQ and Vanguard into perspective, made the world feel vast, dangerous and exciting is being built upon with this game. Not only will many aspects of those games be brought back to life, but there will be new directions in encounter and environment design with dungeon events and the like. Also, new interesting character development systems will be used as well. If you have any experience with Vanguard, you know how interesting these systems can be.
If this game is released, it will be some place for those who seek such style of play to go. This way all can be happy with the market and each crowd can find the games that bring them joy!
Here is their new website:
Here are some of the new screens from in-game since they have converted over to Unity 5.