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Actual Window Manager is an innovative desktop organization application which introduces unconventional window controls and also automatic general window operations making your work more productive, convenient and enjoyable. It has more than 50 handy tools to help you in daily routine window manipulations.

Actual Window Manager is an application that offers you a new and more productive way in which you can interact and deal with the multitude of windows that are opened on your computer screen.

Since Windows is an operating system designed to offer multitasking capabilities, it’s not uncommon that while you have several applications opened along with other Explorer windows, your computer screen can get overcrowded quite fast and can really affect your workflow.


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  • and many others
ARCHICAD 22 features a brand new, flat-design graphical UI that sets the new version apart from run-of-the-mill BIM tools.
Displaying the information in BIM
Sharing the information in BIMLen Lye Centre Patterson Associates Architects Photo ? Patrick Reynolds
Graphical FavoritesBrand new Graphical Favorites provide excellent visual feedback about saved element settings with automatically-generated, colored 2D or 3D thumbnail previews — available instantly for every Tool.
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Fast, organized access
Project standardizationLen Lye Centre Patterson Associates Architects Photo ? Sam Hartnett
BIM VisualizationARCHICAD 20 brings project visualization to the next level by updating the CineRender Engine and enabling more accurate handling of “free-form” (Non?Uniform Rational Basis Splines) shapes.
Two-Point Perspective
Non-uniform splines (NURBS)Len Lye Centre Patterson Associates Architects Photo ? Patrick Reynolds
Fresh look at BIMThe fully-refreshed user interface maximizes working area; the clean and modern tool and command icons look sharp. Tab-based navigation keeps you where the action is: right in front of you.
What’s new in ARCHICAD 22 :
Store the Information:
Information is the most valuable part of BIM and ARCHICAD 20 helps architects and designers get the most of it! ARCHICAD 22 allows users to utilize their Building Information Model as the central storage place for all related information. They can even easily store and maintain design information that was not created using CAD or BIM tools, like Excel spreadsheets.
Display the Information:
ARCHICAD 20 leverages well-structured information resulting in informative design visualization, which ensures enormous efficiencies throughout design and construction. With the help of smart filters and brand new graphical override, designers can freely change the representation of any 2D and 3D views of elements with similar properties. This feature allows a number of workflows that make communication, coordination and model checking much more efficient.
What’s new in ARCHICAD 22
Designing stairs is one of the most complex tasks in architecture, since the stair must comply with stringent standards. The countless iterations required to sync design intent with these standards in a specific building has meant tedious, manual work – up until now. The new Stair Tool in ARCHICAD 22 extends architects’ creativity with automatic validation against human ergonomics — on the fly. In other words, ARCHICAD’s algorithms validate thousands of design options in the background and offer architects the most optimal stair designs to choose from within the context of the specific building.
With ARCHICAD 22’s next-gen Stair Tool, architects can jump right into the creative process: placing stairs with simple polyline input and choosing from various design options. If a problem can be solved in a variety of ways, the software offers a selection of the best options that fit both the user’s graphical input and the chosen standards. Intuitive graphical methods allow users to easily tweak the stair’s shape and to customize structural and finish components. As for the Railing Tool, one-click input creates an instant associative railing along stairs or other building elements, whose posts and panels can be assigned as patterns, or customized individually.
Updated CineRender Engine
CineRender by MAXON offers architects integrated, photo-realistic rendering options in the BIM context. The latest version introduces Light Mapping and Secondary GI methods for more realistic, yet fast rendering.
Element Classification System
An ARCHICAD model can be described as a central BIM database that stores all project data and makes it accessible to any project stakeholder. While previous ARCHICAD versions provided a fixed set of Element Classifications, ARCHICAD 21 introduces a flexible way to classify elements supporting any national or company-standard classification system. In addition, classifications are core to intelligent OPEN BIM workflows, providing unprecedented interoperability among disciplines. Classifications can be transferred between projects via XML file format.
IFC Model Referencing

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Place IFC files as hotlinks into ARCHICAD projects as protected reference content. Model Filtering narrows the inserted IFC reference content by categories, such as Structural or MEP, or by element selection. The inserted IFC model content can be updated easily from the linked source file. If the link is broken, elements of the inserted IFC modules can be edited as regular ARCHICAD elements.
Collision Detection
With the evolution of BIM as the de facto workflow, architects increasingly receive consultant information in a BIM format. To help architects fulfill their role as lead coordinator of the model, Collision Detection becomes a standard part of the feature set starting with ARCHICAD 21.
In addition to the features highlighted above, ARCHICAD 21 delivers several other performance and functional improvements. For more information about ARCHICAD 21, and to sign up for the online streaming of ARCHICAD 21’s world premiere


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