Rtl8821ae Driver

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Install drivers: cd./rtlwifinew make sudo make install sudo modprobe rtl8821ae Replace rtl8821ae in last command with your chip model. To see your rtlwifi chip model use: lspci grep Wireless. Lspci This driver will make your rtlwifi card more stable and usable.

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Hi. I'm setting up a new arch system. So far I pretty much just have the base system installed (no GUI yet). But the wireless is very slow (~5-10kb/s).

The driver in use is pci:rtl8821ae, and it's a D-Link DWA-582.

I tried booting with the linux-lts kernel but that didn't work (some similar threads suggested downgrading the kernel, but I don't want to do that unless I absolutely must).

Realtek Rtl8188ce Driver Windows 10

I tried compiling the driver from source (something I found on dlink.ru), but make fails.

I also ran Ubuntu Live CD. It uses the same driver (rtl8821ae), but the card works perfectly fine in Ubuntu.

So far I've only connected using wifi-menu. I usually use wicd, but wicd-curses seems broken.

I'm not sure what to.

Also, *sometimes* after a reboot, I see the following after the login prompt.

rtlwifi: Firmware rtlwifi/rtl8812aefw.bin not avaliable
kvm: disabled by bios

I don't see this on every boot.

My other machine also runs Arch, and the wireless is fine. It has a D-link DWA-566 card in it, uses the ath9k driver and it works great.
I just tried putting that old card into the new system and it's even slower than the other one,

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realtek 8821ae Driver and Software Download. realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac pci-e nic driver Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8/7 download. Select from the list of drivers required to download. You can also choose your system to only show drivers that are compatible with your system:

realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac driver


General description

The Realtek RTL8812AE is a highly integrated single-chip that supports 2-stream 802.11ac solutions with WLAN PCI Express network interface controllers (WLAN). It combines a WLAN-MAC, a 2T2R-capable WLAN baseband and RF in a single chip. The RTL8812AE offers a complete solution for an integrated high performance wireless device.


  • QFN-76 package
  • 802.11ac / abgn
  • 802.11ac 2×2
Host interface
  • PCI Express 1.1 for WLAN controllers


The product is suitable for PC / NB applications

realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac driver

For Realtek PCIe WLAN Family Controllers. The driver published on the website only supports the following products: RTL
8723BE / RTL8821AE / RTL8822BE / RTL8821CE / RTL8723DE: WiFi / Bluetooth combo solutions need to install WiFi and Bluetooth drivers RT
L8812AE / RTL8192EE / RTL8188EE: WiFi solutions only, install WiFi drivers

realtek 8821ae wireless lan 802.11ac pci-e nic driver download

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