Shazam Apk Download For Android 4.4 2

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

Shazam is a powerful app which allows you to recognize what song you are hearing by allowing the app to listen for only a few seconds. Shazam listens through your microphone, comparing what it hears to a database of millions of songs and searching for identifying characteristics. Effortlessly cutting through even severe background noise and chatter, Shazam can identify songs in a matter of a few short seconds, even in a crowded bar on a Friday night.

Shazam Apk Download For Android 4.4 2018

Shazam Apk Download For Android 4.4 2

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Just launch the app and click the 'Shazam' button (or leave the app on auto-listen in your pocket) and new songs will be recognized and added to your 'My Shazam' list. Here you can see song names, artists, date recognized, a short audio preview, and links to play or purchase the song in several popular stores including Google Play, Napster, Deezer, Spotify, and iTunes. Songs can also be shared using social media or email. View lyrics, see similar songs and recommendations, and artist profiles.

If you are interested in what songs others are discovering around you, you can click on the 'Discover' tab and see Shazamed songs placed on a map of where they were discovered. You can even see what songs are trending around you in your region or country and, of course, play or download those songs.



  • A powerful app--can recognize songs in a few short seconds even with severe background noise and loud conversations.
  • Accurate--rarely makes mistakes.
  • Allows sharing of newly-discovered songs via social media (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Messages, Email, and others).
  • Links to purchase recognized songs or others like them.
  • Suggests other music for you based on your discoveries--find out your music style today!
  • See what songs are trending around you.


  • Different versions of the app have reported instability.