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The best thing about Rocketstreams is that it does not require any extra credit. Iptv smarters pro – windows/ mac os x app ( premium application ) A Smarter & Sharper Addition to your IPTV Business NEW IPTV Smarters Pro is an Windows/ MAC OS X Application based Xtream API that provides your esteemed customers the facility to watch Live TV, Movies, Series on their Windows/ MAC OS X Platform.

How to set up Smart IPTV on Smart tv


This tutorial is made from an LG Smart TV but should be the same process as on a Samsung TV.

1 > Installing the application Smart IPTV on Smart TV

There are 2 ways to install the application, either directly from the LG Store -which is the simplest way- or via a USB Drive for some models.

Installing from the LG store:

2 > Start Application

Start the application, The screenshot below shows Smart IPTV interface. What we are interested in for now is the MAC address of the Smart IPTV.

If your app is not activated you will be required to purchase to activate for One time charge

3 > Configuring the application

To use your streams, you should visit this page:

1. Enter the MAC address of your Smart TV.

2. Download M3U (m3u_plus) playlist from the account link you received from IPTV Premium (or resellers) and select the M3U for this field.

3. Submit

4. If you did everything correctly, the message “success …” appears with the number of channels.

A. For using an online playlist (the account link can be posted here Smart IPTV).

B. If you want to reset all your changes to default.

4 > Watch and Enjoy

Restart the Smart IPTV app in order to make the changes we just made.

You should now be able to see channels list.



Installing Smart STB

Smart Iptv App For Macbook

Time nedded: 9 minutes.

Install smart stb application

1. Install and find MAC address.

From the app market on your smart tv search, find and install Smart STB App.
After that, we can initiate the time for testing.
To do that we first need to discover the Software MAC Address which is required for application activation on Smart-STB site.
Find Mac address: To find mac address navigate to Device Info > Device Info . There are two mac address type :
Software MAC address which is required for app activation on Smart-STB website.
Virtual MAC address which is required for IPTV service activation on your IPTV provider server. You need assign this mac address on your subscription
dashboard . (there is more info in FAQs)

2. Active 7 days free trial

Now that we understand the needed MAC address info, it is time to activate the app trial period. First, log onto the trial activation page of Smart-STB
website by opening this URL

Smart Iptv App For Mac

Smart iptv app for mac download
You need enter Software MAC address , Your server stalker portal address. (there is more info in FAQs)
Then continue .

3. Sign up

If you implement the correct information and add the correct Mac address, the MAC address Valid message in the green text should show up.
You require to register on their website eventually. So if you have not registered at the moment, we recommend that you do.
After registering and login , checkout step with 0 price , finish this step .
Now as you can see, Order Status is set as Active meaning the trial period has started.
Now if you head back to the “Device Details” page of the app on your TV where we previously visited, you`ll see the trial has started and an expiry date is

Considering that Software MAC address and account registration on the Smart-STB side has already been done, upgrading to a paid license is very simple and easy.

Iptv Smarters For Mac Os

Log onto the smart-STB website and log into your account:

From the left menu, click on “Services“. The free 7 days trial we activated earlier is listed. Now let`s add a paid license starting by clicking on “Order New Service“.

These are the following paid monthly and yearly licenses to which you can subscribe.

For example, if you subscribe to the lifetime package, the subscription status in device info page will change to Paid and expire to Never since it is a lifetime subscription.

How add my MAC address in IPTV server?

From the device info page of the app, find Virtual MAC address . Most IPTV servers provide a client advanced dashboard where you able to add your virtual MAC address
an example from IPTVandIPTV advanced dashboard :

If you could not find your advanced dashboard , contact your IPTV provider to get assist .

Where find Stalker portal address?

Most IPTV servers provide a client advanced dashboard where you able to find Portal address.
You can extract Stalker Portal from M3u link too ( with 90% of providers). see the example :

Gold Iptv App

Is there any alternative application?

Smart Iptv App Free

Yes, depend what is your device ? Click on your TV : Android TV , Samsung (Tizen OS) or LG (webOS) and you can find alternative IPTV applications.

Iptv For Mac

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