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Do you want to create something new, from scratch? Do you dream of discovering and conquering new worlds, getting to know the locals and learning more about their values? All this is fully possible thanks to the game Spore: CompleteEdition! Feel like a creator of new life forms!

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Evolution takes millions of years. The emergence of new creatures begins with primitive life forms. Over time, they acquire mechanisms of adaptation to different conditions in order to live and develop further.

However, the world is big, it is fraught with a huge number of dangers. The main one is fierce predators and just strong creatures ready to eat you at any moment. The only way to solve the problem is to evolve and become more powerful, since everyone around you cannot be destroyed.

Thus, from a simple single-celled embryo, a perfect creature grows, strong, hardy and intelligent.

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Features of the game Spore: Complete Edition download torrent

The player will have to go through six stages in order to bring the little creature to the highest form of its development.

Free Spore Full Game

After the gamer decides Spore: Complete Edition torrent download, he will discover a new world. He is a full-fledged owner here, he independently determines the criteria for his character:

  • appearance - how the character looks like, how many eyes, paws and tails he has;
  • appearance - what the creature is covered with: fur, scales, needles, skin;
  • defense mechanisms - what the character will adapt to during further development;
  • occupation - the creature will take the side of good or will serve evil, make friends with neighbors or declare war on everyone;
  • habitat - where the character can live, how he will feel under certain conditions.

However, these are far from all the opportunities provided by the game. At the disposal of the player comes simple, but useful tools with which he will create a new civilization.

Spore: Complete Edition is filled with non-standard yet fun situations that makes the process more fabulous and fun.

Spore: CompleteEdition - online game. The gamer can connect to chat and communicate with other Creators, making the game even more intense.

Spore Full Game No Download Free

Here you can download Spore: Complete Edition via torrent

Recommended Spore: Complete Edition torrent download and dive into a new, exciting world with great opportunities. This is an unknown universe with its own culture, laws of nature and values. If you do not understand something, then turn to Sporepedia - a book with answers to all questions!

Download Spore Full Free

Game info

Year: 2008
Genre: Simulators
Developer: Maxis
Version: v1.3.0.22 Spore / v3.1.0.22 Spore: Galactic Adventures Full (Last)
Interface language: English, Russian
Tablet: Sewn

Spore Full Game Download

Minimum system requirements

Download Spore Full Version Free

Operating system: Windows Xp, 7, 8, 10
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 2,0 GHz
Memory: 1Gb
Video card: 128 MB VRAM
Hard Drive Memory: 4Gb