Spotify Premium Cracked Mod Apk

Posted : admin On 12/26/2021

What is Spotify Premium MOD APK? This is a modified version of the original application by the talented developers at APKMODY. By various methods, we analyze in-depth the application and adjust individual sections. You can benefit from these adjustments.

Spotify Premium APK brings you all of the premium features and lets you enjoy the latest music for free. You can enjoy all your favorite music, playlist and podcasts on the go with no money at all. This Spotify Premium APK download is completely free and does not need any root. You can download cracked premium Spotify APK and keep listening to your loved artists.

Due to the unauthorized use of the Spotify App, the team is taking serious action and banning. Those accounts that are using the modified Spotify version. As we all know it is not legal to use the modified Spotify APK Mod. You should consider this before you use any modified or hacked Spotify Premium APK.

Always make a separate account to use this Spotify premium hacked APK and do not use your main account. That way you will always have an option to use your original account if this secondary account gets banned or terminate.

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify is one of the largest online music streaming services in the world. If you love listening to music, this is the best music platform you will find online. They have a huge collection of Music Albums, Sound Artists, Audiobooks, Novels, Poetry, Comedy, and Podcasts. You can find and listen to any kind of music that suits your feeling and emotions. You can even play and share it with your friends with absolutely no restrictions.

Spotify premium free APK is a key to bypass all barriers and open the premium Spotify world for you. This Spotify APK mod enables almost all premium features for you without a single cent.

  • Spotify Music Premium MOD APK Download The Latest Apk Version of Spotify Pro MOD, A Music & Audio App Android. This Cracked APK Includes Premium Features Full Unlocked and Ads-Free.
  • Spotify Premium Mod Apk is a modified (Cracked) version of the official Spotify app where you can enjoy all premium features like ad-free music, unlimited download, first access to new songs, and many more for free.

This Spotify premium APK download will let you unlock the premium version in the restricted countries. A Spotify is not available in all over the world that has some restricted countries in their list. You may not find the Spotify App in the Playstore while you are browsing from the blocked countries.

Spotify team and developers are working hard to expand access all over the world. But just in case if you are in the blocked range, there is no need to worry. This Spotify premium free APK will let you enjoy the thousands of music albums online.


We, DownloadHeap, are not responsible if Spotify suspends or terminates your account because of Spotify Premium APK mod provided on this site. All details present here are strictly for educational purposes only. You will be fully responsible for any misuse of this free APK download for any other purpose.

Before we go ahead and explain to you the process of Spotify premium free APK download. I will put your attention to read the official message from the Spotify team. They released this message to show their concern over the unauthorized usage of the Spotify App.

Official Spotify warning email over violation of unauthorized app usage:

“We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it. Don’t worry – your Spotify account is safe.

To access your Spotify account, simply uninstall any unauthorized or modified version of Spotify and download and install the Spotify app from the official Google Play Store. If you need more help, please see our support article on Reinstalling Spotify.

If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account.

Thank you for being a Spotify use.”

Official Warning Email Content from Spotify

It was important for us to notify you of the risk involved using Spotify premium APK download. Now let’s go ahead and see how we can explore the world of music on your mobile for absolutely free.

What is the difference between Spotify and premium?

Now you are well known what the Spotify premium APK mod does. Let’s talk about what is the difference between the free and premium version of Spotify.

Spotify is becoming the world largest music library. They have millions of songs, albums, and podcasts on their channel for you to access. You can go to the Spotify App and explore all the content on your fingertips.

Just like most of the services available online. They offer both the Free Spotify Version and the Spotify Premium version. Premium Spotify has some features which you cannot access in the free version and they worth the price. Let’s talk about the difference between the Free and Premium Spotify App.

Spotify Free

Spotify Free version allows you to browse and listen to music for free. You can have unlimited listening time on your free account. A small set of features to navigate around the app and explore the limited functionality.

Spotify full premium mod apk

The downside of the free Spotify login is, you will see a lot of advertisements while listening to your music. It does not allow you to download music or playlists for offline mode. And probably the worst part is the quality, you can only listen to your soundtracks in 128kbps.

That’s pretty annoying. Isn’t it?

Spotify Premium

Compare to the Spotify Free version, Spotify Premium comes with a bunch of pro features. It lets you play music on any device at any time. You can listen to your favorite playlist on your mobile, tablet or even on desktop.

It offers amazing sound quality which you simply love it. IT also allows you to download music for your offline listening. Spotify Premium gives you an amazing experience of uninterrupted music. That means there are no annoying ads.

Spotify Premium Features:

  • No Visual or Audio Ads
  • Unlimited Music Skips
  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Offline Mode Enabled
  • Unlimited Shuffle Available
  • Repeats Enabled
  • Save space by playing music from Spotify server

Is Spotify premium worth?

If you are a music lover and excited about listening to the latest music online and offline, the answer is yes. Then the Spotify Premium is the right choice for you. If you want to get the real Spotify Premium Subscription. You must check out their official website as they have some amazing offers.

Step by Step Guide to Install Spotify Premium Mod APK

Our step by step guide on how to download and install this Spotify Premium APK is just about to arrive soon.

Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQ )

What is Spotify Premium APK?

Spotify Premium APK is a file of a modified Spotify app. Let you bypass the Spotify security. And unlock all the premium features available in Spotify Premium.

How do I get Spotify Premium for free on Android?

You can get the Spotify Premium on your Android device using the following method.

Download the Spotify Premium APK File provided in the links. Unlock your old Spotify on your Mobile or Tablet. Then install the downloaded modified Spotify Premium APK. Sit back and the premium features for free.

Is the sound quality better on Spotify premium?

Yes, you will have amazing sound quality on Spotify Premium. The free plan on Spotify does not have a good sound quality and it sticks to 128kbps.

Is Spotify Premium ads free?

No one likes interrupted music. Spotify Free plan is full of advertisements. Spotify Premium solves this issue for you and lets you enjoy the ads-free music all the time. That means there are no Visual Ads or Audio Ads in Spotify Premium.

How much is Spotify Premium?

It depends on what kind of plan you choose. Spotify mainly offers two types of plans. The first one is Spotify Free and second Spotify Premium.

Spotify Premium costs $9.99 / per month and the first 3 months are free. This plan is strictly for a person. If you are looking for a Spotify Duo plan where you can use 2 accounts that will cost you $12.49 / per month. They also offer a Spotify Family plan and Spotify Student plan.

Spotify Family plan costs you $14.99 / per month and you will be given 6 accounts to use.

Spotify Student plan is great for the students. It only costs $4.99 / per month if you are a genuine student in school or college.

Spotify officially not available in my country. What should I do?

Well, this is true that Spotify is not available in many countries as of now. They are working hard to move it across the world. But this does not mean you are restricted and cannot enjoy the premium Spotify features.

There is a quick hack which lets you use the Spotify Premium anywhere in the world. Use VPN on your android device and then download and install the modified Spotify Premium app provided in this post. Then you are good to go and enjoy the unlimited music library anywhere in the world.

Our quick guide on How to use VPN on Android will help you get this sorted.

Spotify Premium APK Download

Are you ready to explore the premium feature of Spotify?

Simply download Spotify Premium APK from the given links into your mobile and tablet. Install the modified APK mod and you are good to go.

Remember, DownloadHeap doesn’t support any piracy and given files of APK are only for educational purposes. DownloadHeap will not be held responsible for any misuse of this file.


We aim to get you the best possible solution if you want to enjoy the Spotify Premium for free. Spotify Premium APK file provided is 100% working and you will not have any issue for using them.

Just in case if you have any questions just comment it below and we will be happy to solve the issue. Share it with your friends or family who you think are looking to get the Spotify Premium with no cost at all.

Looking for Spotify Premium APK? There are many apps for both Android and iOS where you can play songs, music for free and listen to a podcast. However Spotify Premium is the king of all music streaming platforms around the world.

Though Spotify is a monthly subscription-based service, it has been dominating the music streaming market in many countries around the globe for the past couple of years because of its high-quality streaming.

One major limitation of Spotify is that you need to pay for the service although it has a free plan with the free plan comes the annoying ads which will disturb your peaceful music time. For instance, if you are a free user of the app, you can only listen to music that is marked as free and not the newly released or the top-rated popular songs.

Other limitation includes, you cannot create your own playlist or move to another menu and deprived of many premium features. That is why we are gonna provide you with a Spotify Premium APK file to get rid of all those limitations and enjoy music for free with all the additional benefits.

For long people who cannot afford the heavily monthly stepwise have been looking for other ways to enjoy the service have at least found the way which will ease their struggle and let them enjoy their favorites altogether. Now they can use Spotify hacked APK for all the features of the paid services.

The modified application which has been released by a number of programmers has many versions and features like unlimited downloads, no ads between streaming and many other features that have been unlocked for the users. This great news for music lovers was later hit by the news when Spotify app announced that they will be taking care of such moves and have been looking hard for the ones using it.

Below are some of the common questions asked by many users novice of the app.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

Spotify Premium Apk is a modified version of the original app built to bring joy or music and streaming for all without any charges and restrictions. Most of the premium features are integrated into the mod APK and can be found in the app for free without paying anything.

All you need is Spotify mod APK downloaded in your device, Android, IOS, Tablet or PC and follow the instructions on how to install, create account and usage. There are simple instructions for people who have little or no technological information.

What is Spotify Free Premium?

Spotify Android App is the platform on Android and IOS which hosts millions of music numbers and famous podcasts. The item is available in a few countries for people who pay an amount of $9.99/month. The app also creates and host charts of the top chart of famous artist and songs with their latest release and hits. You can get access to all the information with just the click of a button.

Features of Spotify Premium Free APK

Though there were not many features for the free paid users a few months ago the recent update of spotify++ APK, version released last month has brought out new features that are very beneficial for the users of the app. The most popular one being, the removal of the limitation imposed on availability and downloading of new music and songs.

The user-friendly interface of Spotify APK Premium

People have started to look for a freemium feature of the paid version and attention has been shifting towards Spotify cracked APK rather than going for the paid version.

Why? The reason is simple; when they are getting the same features, settings and interface for free why bother to pay the monthly fee. The latest interface which has all the related tabs and shortcuts pasted in front for the user to enjoy the stress less music world.

Unlimited Downloading

If downloading songs were allowed is probably the most common question asked among all the rest. The answer is that it depends on the author and the version.

Yes, unlimited downloading is available in some versions while it is not in another. Downloading music is a very helpful and beneficial feature especially if you are to visit someplace where there is no internet connection or maybe you just like to prefer listening to music offline.

Unlocked Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating, Connect in Spotify hacked

Yes if you have been waiting for the long-awaited features that allow you to shuffle back and forth, while you are still listening to your music or podcast is being released to the public.

This feature is greatly helpful and beneficial for users who like to shuffle while listening to music. Apparently caused a lot of distress among many users. But with this latest Spotify Premium APK version, they now do not need to have any concern or worry about if they will lose the streaming while looking for the next music.

While repeating a track which was before limited to the only a couple of times has been reset to unlimited with no barrier on seeking as well. Users can reshuffle, shuffle their personal playlist acccording to their likings as many times and ways they want with forever unstopped repeats.


No More Ads with free Spotify

Ads that are the main source of income for most free offering services are mostly a hurdle for the user who has to suffer too long waits and endless closing of unnecessary and long video ads.

Many media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Youtube Spotify relied on ads in their applications for monetization but with this version, you can rest assured that there will be no ads that will ruin your music experience.

How and the reasons to get the App

Spotify has a huge library of songs and music varying from different genres and category streams. With Spotify Premium APK, you can create your own playlist and share it with your friends and that makes this app the best in the game.

You can also download the not just an individual song but the whole playlist. Type the name on the search bar and download it listen to it offline.

The app has a beginner-friendly and smooth user-interface with no confusion and navigation problem. It consumes fewer data and would allow you to play music smoothly even on 320 Kbps.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free

If you are still not convinced with the features of the app. You must know that it allows you to listen to all the top artists and songs for free and even podcast included.

Most of the premium songs aren’t available for free but with the Spotify mod APK, you now have unlimited access to it and can listen to it anywhere anytime as long you have a decent internet connection.

How to get Spotify Cracked APK

The original Spotify could be downloaded and installed from Playstore but you will get only the free basic options and features full of ads that are in any way no fun at all.

Premium Free Features

This Spotify premium mod apk download app has a decent number of premium features, which not possible to explain in only one post, but you don’t take tension we will explain some basic features.

Spotify Premium apk for iPhone is available for the iPhone or iPad users. You can also listen to music in HD quality in 320KBPS & much more. So simply using apk you can unlock every feature completely free without any cost and without any buy from your credit card or giving the details for present or future deductions.

Rooted Vs No rooted Android Devices

Spotify Premium Cracked Mod Apk Download

Often times we get confused about the difference between rooted and no rooted devices often get confused about what that means, how they should check if their phone is either rooted or non-rooted.

You can check whether if your device is rooted or non-rooted by installing a Root Checker application, which you can get it from google play store.

Rooted Andriod Devices:

If your android smartphone is giving the user access to the programming files like OS which is the short term for Operating System, in this case, Android, it is known as a rooted device. So, basically rooted devices for most cases give free to access to the ability to modify or change the app data and settings through the advanced editing settings and features.

This feature and option is usually used by coders or developers who want to change the app settings from deleting a simple feature to advanced modding

No Rooted Andriod Devices:

Spotify Premium Cracked Mod Apk Emulator

No rooted devices and it’s features are used mostly on our daily activities on using your phone. It can be from a simple moving a folder on a file manager or in another case of installing an APK file from unknown third-part apps whereby you need to give the permission via settings.

These sorts of devices are simple to use and have complications if you are installing or uninstalling an application. Though there are fewer options for changing a log or setting or making major changes in application but is a safe platform for people who have no advanced knowledge.

Below are some of the advanced features of Spotify APK download version APK Mega Mod Cracked 2018 for No Rooted Android Devices which are running the android version of 6 and above.
You can install the APK on any device of your choice, from phones to tablets to PCs.

Download the songs or music offline with no limitation whatsover.I
Amazing streaming sound clarity with less buffering time.
No ads.
There are no strings attached..So if you are interested in installing the Spotify premium free on your no rooted android device below are the few simple steps you should follow for a successful installation.

Cracked Spotify Apk

How to get Spotify Premium Free Forever

  • The first step is to download the APK file from the download button (at the bottom of the page)
  • After you have downloaded the apk file, if you have any version of Spotify pre-installed, make sure to uninstall and remove it from your device it before you move forward.
  • Now go back to your file manager and locate the Apk file you have just downloaded.
  • The installation process usually takes a few seconds to a minute at max.
  • They may ask you to give some permission needed to run the app.
  • After the installation process is completed, head back over to your home screen and you will find the icon of Spotify. Tap on it to open the app.
  • Signup or login to your account.
  • Enjoy the free premium music for life without any hurdles and if you somehow have lost access to your account you can easily hit the forget button to retrieve back the details.

Get the Latest Version of Spotify Premium for free

There are many versions of Apk released by developers with featured updates and improvements as released by free Spotify.

Here is the difference between Stable and Beta Version:

  • Beta Version = It is a test version or testing phase of an updated version of the app with added features or replacement. It is the phase where the app collects data and feedback to move on to a stable version.
  • Stable Version = It is the final product of the app with all the features and replacement added working fine. It is at this phase they are released on all the major apps stores like Google Play or iOS store.

Below are detailed features of Spotify free premium Mega Mod Beta and Final Version Features:

  • Unlocked Spotify Connect
  • Seek FWD button added to information bar/tablet mod
  • Visual and Audio ads blocked. While you can use third-party applications like Ad Away to block all the unnecessary apps if you are using the older versions.
  • Seeking enabled
  • Unlimited shuffle and sharing of playlists
  • Choose any song and play in HD Quality
  • Extreme audio unlocked and Repeats Enabled
  • Download any number of songs by easily selecting the song and clicking the download button adjacent to it.
  • Unlimited skips if you are looking to find something new and nice for your playlist.
  • Random restriction lifted from all the latest versions.