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Posted : admin On 12/25/2021
  • Part 1: Where Do OBS Recordings Go
  • Part 2: How to Set OBS Recording Location
  • Part 3: Best Alternative to OBS
  • Part 4: FAQs of OBS Location
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Capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

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  • Mac Video Recorder
  • Windows Video Recorder
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  • Windows Audio Recorder
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As a broadcasting application, StreamLabs OBS is popular among vloggers, e-teachers, and gamers. Some small businesses even use it for training and creativity. More importantly, OBS is an open-source project, so everyone can access the full version without paying a penny.

However, it is a bit complex for beginners. That is why so many people asked where to find OBS recordings on forums. This concrete guide will focus on clarify the output location of OBS.

Guide List

1. Where Do OBS Recordings Go

OBS won’t save recordings automatically. You have to click the Stop recording button at the bottom right side of the main interface to save it manually. However, where do OBS recordings go? By default, they will be saved to the folder where you installed OBS on your computer. Generally speaking, the folder is located in your system drive.

The quick way to access your recordings is to go to the File menu in OBS main interface and choose Show Recordings. Then the destination folder will pop up and show you all recordings.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows/Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

2. How to Set OBS Recording Location

It is well-known that recordings are very large since they are saved as video files. Therefore, it is not proper to save OBS recordings in your system drive. It may impact the performance of your computer and even lead to OBS crashing or OBS window capture black. Fortunately, you can easily change where does StreamLabs OBS saves recordings following steps below.

Step 1Open your OBS, go to the File menu at the top menu bar, and choose Settings to open the Settings dialog. Then head to the Output tab from the left sidebar, and locate the Recording section on the right panel.

Step 2Click the Browse button and find a proper output folder on your hard drive.

Step 3You can also set Recording Format, Recording Quality and other options on the popup dialog. Click the OK button to confirm the changes. Now, you can go to the new location to find OBS recordings.

3. Best Alternative to OBS

Users need some technical skills to set up OBS correctly; otherwise, your recordings will become poor or OBS may work abnormally. Therefore, it is not a good choice to use OBS if you are beginners. Fonelab Screen Recorder, on the other hand, is more flexible and available to both advanced users and beginners. It can meet all your needs for screen recording.

Basic Features of the Best Alternative to OBS

  1. Record everything and your activities on your screen.
  2. Save your screen recordings to hard drive automatically.
  3. Preview recordings with the built-in media player.

Briefly speaking, it is the best choice if you cannot find where OBS you’re your recordings.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows/Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

How to Record Screen with the Best Alternative to OBS

Step 1Install OBS alternative

There are two versions of the best alternative to OBS, one for Windows 10/8/7 and the other for Mac OS X. Get the right version installed on your computer and then launch it. Pick Video Recorder to open the main interface. If you just want to capture audio, select Audio Recorder instead. Advanced users can set options related to output, hotkeys and more on the Preferences dialog. It can be opened by hitting the Gear icon in the main interface.

Step 2Record screen in one click

You will get four sections in the main interface:

Display: Capture full screen, a window or custom region based on your need.

Webcam: Record your face and surroundings through the webcam recording on your computer, or add your reactions to the screen recording.

System Sound: Capture any sound from your computer.

Microphone: Overlay your voice or any sound to screen recording via internal and external microphone.

Streamlabs Download Mac Os X

You can turn on or off each section according to your situation. If you only want to record screen, for example, enable Display and System Sound while disabling Webcam and Microphone.

Once you are ready, click the REC button to begin screen recording without setting OBS location.

Step 3Preview and save screen recording

When you want to stop screen recording, click the Stop button. Then the preview window will show up with the recording. Here you can check the video file with the media player. If it contains redundant frames, cut them using the Clip tool. Finally, hit the Save button and follow the on-screen instructions to save the recording without OBS. The Select path to save your recording file dialog allows you to confirm or change the output location when saving recordings.

4. FAQs of OBS Location

Question 1. How do I watch my OBS recordings?

By default, OBS will save your recordings in FLV format, but you can switch to MP4. Find you’re the recording in your output path and watch it with your media player, such as Windows Media Player.

Question 2. How do I restore my OBS recordings?

Streamlabs Mac Os X

Sometimes, OBS will freeze or crash when rendering screen recordings. In such cases, you cannot restore OBS recordings. Alternatively, you have to rerecord whatever you want to save. If you worry about OBS errors, you’d better use a more stable screen recorder application.

Question 3. How to convert OBS recordings to MP4?

OBS will save recordings in FLV in order to produce smaller file sizes. However, you can change it to MP4 format in the Settings dialog. Click the Settings button at the bottom right corner and then go to the Output tab from the left side on the popup dialog. Then choose mp4 from the Recording Format under Recording section.

Streamlabs For Mac



This article has told you where does StreamLabs OBS saves your screen recordings on PC and Mac. If you cannot find your recordings produced by OBS, you should resolve this issue based on our guide. Moreover, you can reset the output path based on your habit. Sometimes, OBS has bugs and fails to save your recordings. Fonelab Screen Recorder is the best alternative solution to record something on your desktop. If you have more questions, please write them to download in the comment area below this post.

FoneLab Screen Recorder

FoneLab Screen Recorder allows you to capture video, audio, online tutorial, etc on Windows/Mac, and you can easily customize size, edit the video or audio, and more.

  • Record video, audio, webcam and take screenshots on Windows/Mac.
  • Preview data before saving.
  • It is safe and easy to use.

Streamlabs Macbook Download

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72.1 MB

Streamlabs Download For Mac


  • High performance real time video/audio capturing and mixing, with unlimited scenes you can switch between seamlessly via custom transitions.
  • Live streaming to Twitch, YouTube, Periscope, GoodGame, DailyMotion, Hitbox, VK and any other RTMP server
  • Filters for video sources such as image masking, color correction, chroma/color keying, and more.
  • x264, H.264 and AAC for your live streams and video recordings
  • Intel Quick Sync Video (QSV) and NVIDIA NVENC support
  • Intuitive audio mixer with per-source filters such as noise gate, noise suppression, and gain. Take full control with VST plugin support.
  • GPU-based game capture for high performance game streaming
  • Unlimited number of scenes and sources
  • Number of different and customizable transitions for when you switch between scenes
  • Hotkeys for almost any action such as start or stop your stream or recording, push-to-talk, fast mute of any audio source, show or hide any video source, switch between scenes,and much more
  • Live preview of any changes on your scenes and sources using Studio Mode before pushing them to your stream where your viewers will see those changes
  • DirectShow capture device support (webcams, capture cards, etc)
  • Powerful and easy to use configuration options. Add new Sources, duplicate existing ones, and adjust their properties effortlessly.
  • Streamlined Settings panel for quickly configuring your broadcasts and recordings. Switch between different profiles with ease.
  • Light and dark themes available to fit your environment.
  • …and many other features. For free. At all.

What's New:

  • Added the ability to capture Vulkan-based games with game capture. Big thanks to Ubisoft Montreal for submitting this feature! [Littlematth/jpark37/Jim]
  • Added a new capture method to window capture which allows capturing browsers, browser-based windows, and Microsoft Store (UWP) programs [jpark37]
    • By default, it will use 'Automatic', which will use the normal method on most windows, and the new method on browsers, browser-based windows, and Microsoft Store (UWP) programs
    • The downside of the new method is that it can cause a bit of cursor lag, as well as a highlighted border around the captured window. The border itself does not get captured, however.
    • You can choose which capture method to use in window capture properties
  • Added advanced scene collection importing (on the menu bar, Scene Collection -> Import) which allows you to import from other common streaming programs [Dillon]
  • Added Media source hotkeys to allow control of playback (stop/pause/play/restart) [cg2121]
    • For now, these are just hotkeys. User interface for this is also planned for future updates
  • Added the ability to drag and drop URLs to create browser sources (after displaying a confirmation prompt to ensure it was by intention) [WizardCM]
    • Developers can add an embed to their web pages that let them pre-specify parameters that automatically get set in the source when it's dragged into OBS. See this link for more details:
  • Added T-bar to studio mode [cg2121]
    • Note that this will not work while using a Stinger transition or the 'Cut' transition
  • Added support for the SRT protocol ( [boxerab]
    • This is available by choosing 'Custom' under Stream settings > Service, then entering your srt:// path into the Server box.
  • Added a button grid mode to the scenes list, which can be toggled via right-clicking on the scenes list [Dillon]
  • Added ability to lock volume values of audio sources via their right-click context menu in the mixer [cg2121]
  • Added source icons to the source list that give a more visible indication of their function (can be disabled in the View menu) [cg2121]
  • Added support for cube LUT files in the LUT filter [jpark37]
  • Added an option to show all audio sources to advanced audio settings [exeldro]
  • Added an option to use percent rather than dB in advanced audio properties via right-clicking items in the window [cg2121]
  • Added a button to save replay buffer next to the replay buffer button (similar to the pause button on the recording button) [cg2121]
  • Added support for certain devices that can automatically rotate their camera output such as the Logitech StreamCam [Jim]
  • Added the ability to change the projector type to the projector's right-click context menu [cg2121]
  • Added the ability to copy/paste multiple selected sources [torresam]
  • Added an option to enable/disable BTTV and/or FFZ chat extensions when connecting your Twitch account in the stream section of settings [Rodney]
  • Added a system tray icon to show when the recording is paused [Programatic]
  • Added a 'Custom Quantization Matrix' option to QSV encoder (available on Ice Lake or newer) [brittneysclark]
  • Added an option to toggle looping to the scroll filter [Dillon]
  • Added a 'Fade to Black' option for quick transitions in studio mode [cg2121]
  • Added string specifiers to the Filename Formatting option in advanced settings which allows you to specify certain settings such as resolution and FPS to recording filenames [exeldro]
  • Added a hotkey to reset the stats window/panel [cg2121]
  • Added help icons when an property has a tooltip associated with it [WizardCM]
  • Added monitor names in monitor selection context menus [WizardCM]
  • Video settings now shows aspect ratio of canvas and output resolutions [cg2121]


  • Increased default size of color source to the size of the canvas [cg2121]
  • Increased default size of text in text sources [cg2121]
  • Increased the number of files you can open with the image slideshow at once [Jim]
  • Added various minor performance improvements [jpark37]
  • The mask filter will now reload the mask automatically if the mask file has been modified [omkelderman]
  • The browser source now uses a monospace font for the custom CSS property [WizardCM]
  • Redesigned Decklink output UI by combining the start and stop buttons and highlighting them when the output is active. [cg2121]
  • Removed the older deprecated NVENC encoder in advanced output mode to prevent confusion. You will now only see 'NVENC (new)' (which we will eventually rename back to just 'NVENC'). Rescaling is now supported on it (automatically falls back to the older implementation internally)

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where window capture could select an unintended window when opening its properties [Jim/Dillon]
  • Fixed browser source not loading files with a hash character in the path [Dillon]
  • Fixed a bug where importing profiles didn't work correctly in portable mode [WizardCM]
  • Fixed a bug where resizing docks wouldn't work when hotkeys were disabled while OBS is focused [WizardCM]
  • Fixed a bug where preview wasn't fully disabled when minimized [R1CH]
  • Fixed a bug where the program could crash on startup if the system had flash installed on it [R1CH/Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where the media source could sometimes lock up on a frame [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where Twitch browser panels would not use dark theme the first time they run [Jim]
  • Fixed a bug where the recording audio bitrate would be too low when using a custom recording quality in simple output mode [Fenrir]
  • Fixed a bug where a reconnected stream would drop to 0 kbps and disconnect if using audio track 2 [R1CH]
  • Fixed a bug when using multiple game captures where the wrong game would sometimes be captured [Dillon]
  • Fixed a crash when entering large resolutions in video settings [cg2121]
  • Fixed a crash with PulseAudio on Linux [cg2121]
  • Fixed a crash on shutdown that could occur after using the auto configuration wizard [R1CH]
  • Fixed a crash with the VLC and slideshow sources when adding directories containing files with many unicode characters [R1CH]
  • Fixed a crash on startup if a plugin saved whitespace to its config file (this primarily affected the Tuna plugin) [R1CH]
  • Fixed a crash when no Decklink outputs are available, such as when the input is active at the same time [cg2121]
  • Fixed a crash when when no Decklink output device is selected when the output is started [cg2121]
  • Fixed a crash when using custom RTMP authentication [R1CH]
  • Fixed an issue where devices could lock up when using the browser source [Jim]
  • Fixed a few minor memory leaks [jpark37]
  • Fixed an issue where the program would not let you know that the recording path was invalid [Lqlsoftware]

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