Transfer Files Over Serial Port

Posted : admin On 12/25/2021

Because serial port is slow (max 192kbps), think 8GB USB2 drive (@ $10). USB2 transfers data @2MB/s. But I would use a program called Roadkil's Unstoppable Copier to do data transfer: (1) it uses DMA, thus bypassing buffering (2) it validates 'packet' transferred by MD5 hash so that your data written is accurate.

  1. Transfer Files Over Serial Port
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I was able to transfer image files over wifi from my program to my android device and it works great. What I want to do now is do the samething, but using bluetooth because I may not be able to connect my devices over wifi. I figured the easiest option would be to transfer over a serial port. I tried modifying the code to work over a serial port and no go. I basically tried to take what I did with wifi and asyncstreamsprefix, but is not working. I did some searching on the web and found some code I was able to make work. I had to use asyncsteam without the prefix though. When I send the file over from my program I can see the binary symbols of the file in the text box of the b4a app. So I am sending over I just don't know how to take what I am sending and save it to a file. I am using the example b4a bluetooth app on the android device. Looking for some help.
Thank you

Advanced Serial Port Terminal allows you to send any text file to the remote computer or device over serial port connection. However, it is the remote host, which will be responsible for this file receiving.

To send ASCII file over serial port connection, do the following:

1. Select 'File' –> 'New session' from main menu to invoke 'New session' dialog.

2. Set the required connection settings to match the ones of the remote COM port.

3. Click 'Open' button.

4. Select 'File' –> 'Open port' to open the local serial port if it is not opened yet:


5. Click 'Send ASCII file' toolbar button:

Transfer Files Over Serial Port

6. 'Open' dialog will be invoked where you can select TXT file to send:

Transfer Files Over Serial Port

Transfer Files Over Serial Port Mac

7. Finally, click 'Open' button.