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Canadian trio Rush was founded in 1968 in the suburbs of Toronto by Alex Lifeson, Jeff Jones and John Rutsey. However, in several weeks after formation Geddy Lee, the schoolmate of Lifeson, changed Jones on bass and vocals. In such line-up the band recorded their debut Rush in 1974. The music of Rush for that moment was often compared to Led Zeppelin. The single titled Working Man entered the regular play list of one Canadian radio stations and Rush got their moderate fame in their motherland. However, drummer Rutsey left the band and Neil Peart changed him on that place. Soon after that change, Rush headed to their first tour around the USA. They played before Uriah Heep and Manfred Mann's Earth Band. In 1975, they released their second attempt Fly By Night, on which Peart successfully tried himself as the main author of the band's lyrics. The album featured their first epic composition By-Tor And The Snow Dog - songs of such type would become common for Rush's creativity. The same year, they released the Caress Of Steel disc, featuring sizeable hard rock compositions as The Necromancer and The Fountain Of Lamneth, consisting of several parts.

Rush released 2112, ignoring the studio's recommendations to record the work in a more pop-friendly form. They did it for the best, as 2112 became the first commercially successful album of Rush, while the following support tour was captured on the All The World's A Stage (Live) disc. Next albums - A Farewell To Kings and Hemispheres - were recorded in the UK and had a noticeable progressive rock slant. Rush started active use of synthesizers, unusual percussions, other exotic instruments and write complicated conceptual tracks. The Permanent Waves album of 1980, contained shorter songs with the flavor of new wave and reggae, demonstrated on such tracks as Freewill and The Spirit Of Radio. Moving Pictures (1981) with singles Tom Sawyer and Limelight became the most popular record by Rush. After the concert album Exit…Stage Left the band switched to the synthesized music on the album Signals of 1982. This tradition was continued with the discs Grace Under Pressure (1984), Power Windows (1985) with the hit The Big Money and Hold Your Fire (1987).

The following tours by Rush were celebrated with the released of A Show Of Hands. In the beginning of 90's, the artist turned back to the guitar rock on discs Roll The Bones, Counterparts and hard rock Test For Echo with the song Limbo. In 1997, Peart left the band and they took a break. During one year, Peart lost his daughter in auto crash and his wife died of cancer. For a year he traveled along the North America on his bike and later re-united with the band. In 2002, Rush released the Vapor Trails disc and the collection of covers Feedback two years later. After the tour, celebrating the thirtieth birthday of Rush, the trio got down to their new album. The Snakes & Arrows album was released in 2007 with the refreshed sound, accentuated on drums. Peart became even more skillful in his song writing and many songs from the album became hits - Far Cry, The Main Monkey Business, Hope. The same year the artist went in for international tour and in 2008 issued the masterful concert record Snakes & Arrows: Live. It featured not only the tracks from the last studio disc by Rush, but also the tested by time hits. The same year the artist went in for international tour and in 2008 issued the masterful concert record Snakes & Arrows: Live. It featured not only the tracks from the last studio disc by Rush, but also the tested by time hits. In a year the musicians issued the compilation album Working Men (2009). It includes a previously unreleased version of the composition One Little Victory.

Studio Albums

Clockwork Angels
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The legendary Canadian rockers Rush enlarged their discography with a brand new album. Release of the twentieth anniversary studio work titled Clockwork Angels took place in June
Snakes & Arrows
Prog fans, you have to check this out! Rush are coming back to the territory of their classic sounding. Their 18th album Snakes & Arrows contains both elements of late 70's – early 80's period and new views of musicians upon their artistic work



Compilation albums



Snakes & Arrows Live
Canadian trio Rush, playing progressive hard rock, released the double concert album Snakes & Arrows Live. It features both tracks from their last studio attempt Snakes & Arrows and popular hits by Rush

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