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And welcome to this new Warriors official game, where you get to live the of a warrior cat. This game features the Clans; ThunderClan, WindClan, RiverClan and ShadowClan in the forest territory. Just imagine that Firestar, Lepoardstar, Greystripe, Ravenpaw and all the rest were never born, so a different generation of cats roamed the forest. 🌊 Tidal Callings 🌊 - WIP Warrior Cats RP 🌊 Tidal Callings 🌊 - WIP Warrior Cats RP Offline ( 0/24 players ) last ping 01/05/21 0 community score. 0 votes. 5 diamonds 4 favorited. 2 comments. 726 views.

Warrior Cats Game Download For Mac Windows 10

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Tired of just Roleplaying what you would do if you were a real warrior? Do you actually want to be a warrior? Well, now's your chance! In Moonrise, you will be able to take the form of a warrior cat, join a Clan, hunt, raise kits, and much more! It will be 3D, and we are aiming for very realistic graphics.
The Maps
This game will feature a vast expanse of maps, with many territories and Clans.
Character Creator
There will be a variety of markings and fur colors. In addition, they will be very realistic! Along with that, you will have the ability to be a kit. If you start off as a Clan cat, you must go through kithood. However, you will be able to start as an adult rogue and join a Clan. You will also be able to have ripped ears, blind eyes, scars, and such. You will also have the option of a custom meow.
Entering as a kit
If you want to enter as a kit, a menu will pop up, displaying all pregnant queens and their Clans. It will also list all the pregnant she-cats not in a Clan. You can select one, and you will become that queen's unborn kit. The queen will have a gestation period of five days, the fourth and fifth being days that she is open for kits to select. If no kit selects her, which will be unlikely, she has a miscarriage.
This game will feature hunting, and will have lots of prey, including mice, lizards, bluebirds, and much more.
Joining a Clan
If you are a rogue, there will be a Clans tab. Click it, and a menu will open, listing all Clans with an online leader. You can send a request, and the leader can accept.
This game will have PvP. The leader of each Clan will choose the major battle moves that their Clan uses. There will be a hot-bar, sort of like in a game known as MineCraft. Any number you press will enable you to perform that certain battle move.
Since you can be a Kittypet, collars are available. Bone-collars are available as well, although both of these items are strictly for Kittypets and Loners/Rogues.
Picking items up
You will be able to pick up kits, prey, dead or injured cats, plant life such as herbs, and materials for building dens.
You are able to die in this game. If you die, you go to StarClan. Your cat is dead, but it is still playable in StarClan or the Dark Forest.
There will be a maximum of four Clans per map. These Clans will be pre-made. The first leaders will have requested to be leader of that Clan beforehand. If the leader is inactive, the character will die, and the deputy will take over. If neither the deputy or the leader is active, an admin will choose another leader.
Rogue Groups
You may form rogue groups. If the group is active for over two months, it will become an official Clan until it goes inactive.
Pregnancy in queens
In order to become pregnant, you will have the option to go over to your mate, click on them, and send a 'mate request'. The screen will blank, and the she-cat will become pregnant. To other cats, a black orb will form around you and your mate. There will be no mating action, since some people will definitely be immature about it.
Foxes and other predators
Fox NPCs will be smart. Meaning, they can breed, and fight their own kind.
This is the fox system that will most likely be planted in-game:
When the game is first released, four foxes will be spawned. Two male, two female. Same for all other predators. Players will be prohibited to attack predators until about 3 months after the game is released to give them a chance to breed. They will also be able to travel across maps.
This makes the game more natural, and foxes won't randomly appear out of nowhere. This also has the ability to balance the world in a way... if the foxes overpopulate, the cat and prey population might deteriorate. If the fox population goes down, prey population goes up. It will also be possible to drive foxes to extinction, if enough warriors were to decide to try and wipe them out. And foxes must also eat to survive, like the players, and they can also die of natural causes.
Scent Trails
Rodent- Yellow
Amphibian/Reptile- Blue
Bird- Brown
Fox- Dark Orange
Badger- Gray
Enemy Clan- Red
Your Clan- Green
Wolf- White
Snake- Purple
Also, when you stand by a scent trail, it will say exactly what/who you are scenting. Ex:
Mouse, male, healthy.
Sagewhisker, tom, 19 moons, healthy, ReedClan Warrior
Clan borders
Clan borders... the first Clan leader will choose the Clan scent color. Even when not in hunting mode, it will be slightly visible, and when you go near it it will say something like this:
ReedClan border, marked ten minutes ago.
Yes, this game will have a birthing sequence, as births are described in the Warriors books. Be mature about it, please. If anyone is caught being immature about birthing queens, you will be warned, and possibly banned. Birthing will be very close to real-life kitting. It just adds to the realism of the game.
Yes, this game will have blood. Warriors has blood in it. Cats die. Cats get cuts and scars. There will be blood. It's supposed to be realistic. However, there will be no innards or intestines, because that is too grotesque.
StarClan and Dark Forest
StarClan will be there. So will Dark Forest. Things will work like this:
If you go to StarClan when you die, you will have access to the Prophecy Pool. This is a pool that gives out prophecies created by the leaders, and only cats who were important in Clan history or something can view it in death. StC leaders will be able to control weather, make prophecies, and such. And no, I don't mean Clan leaders who die. I mean the leaders of StarClan:
Those will be the names of the StC leaders, and only staff may play them.
Dark Forest: If you die and go here, you will basically just be able to wander around a forest for evil cats. Battle for fun, hunt and kill for fun, walk in others' dreams, train the living, and so on. There will be StarClan, and there will be Dark Forest, and StC cats will be allowed to visit the living.
We will have an aging and time system.
One RL week- One game moon
12 RL hours- One full game day cycle
24 RL hours- two game days
A kit will become an apprentice at three weeks in real life. An apprentice will become a warrior three weeks following that, and there will be a large amount of time before the warrior becomes an elder.
Character limit
Multiple characters are permitted, but the limit is five.
Well, there won't really be breeds. Instead, there will be markings. Fore example, if you want to be a specific breed, you'll get to play around with all the bars to make it look like that breed. Like, weight, length, nose length, muzzle, and more. Everything will be scalable, even the tail, and eyes. If you wanted to make a flat-faced cat, like a persian, you'd have to:
1. Broaden the face, make it really wide.
2. Make muzzle length as small as possible.
3. Make the eyes large.
4. Make the tail thick.
5. Make fur length very long.
If you wanted a siamese, you'd have to do the following:
1. Make the face kind of thin, with a somewhat long muzzle.
2. Make the tail, and the overall cat itself very skinny.
3. Make the ears large.
4. Make the eyes somewhat large.
5. Make the fur really short.
6. Use the 'siamese' markings.
And so on. Not only does it depend on markings, but on overall body build as well.
Note: This game does NOT have a release date! *Multiplayer is in progress* There might be a Single player but maybe not the creators are not sure.
Have any Questions post below! If I tell you I can't answer them please go to the site and take a look at this! http://warriors-moonrise.freeforums.net/thread/1344/thread-important-read-before-suggest
If your question is not there please contact the Moonrise staff or post it in the question forums!
Find more about it here! http://warriors-moonrise.freeforums.net/
There will be a IT server! Here in the Info on it http://warriors-moonrise.freeforums.net/thread/1605/server-information
We will be able to play the IT server while the creators work on the real game of MR.