Wi Spy Dbx Software Download

Posted : admin On 12/25/2021
Wi-Spy MiniWi-Spy 2.4x (discontinued)Wi-Spy DBxWi-Spy 900x (discontinued)
Default Frequency Range2400-2495 GHz2.400 to 2.495 MHz2.400 to 2.495 GHz, 5.150 to 5.850 GHz862 MHz to 928 MHz
Amplitude Range-110 dBm to -6.5 dBm-100 dBm to -6.5 dBm-105 dBm to -6.5 dBm
Amplitude Resolution0.5 dBm0.5 dBm0.5 dBm
Resolution Bandwidth(2.4 GHz)(2.4 GHz)(900 Mhz)
58.036 to 812.500 KHz58.036 to 812.500 KHz53.571 to 750.000 KHz
(5 GHz)
53.571 to 750.000 KHz
Default Resolution Bandwidth(2.4 GHz) 214.286 KHz(2.4 GHz) 214.286 KHz
(5 GHz) 464.286 KHz
Sweep Time(2.4 GHz) 507 msec(2.4 GHz) 507 msec(900 Mhz) 307 msec
(low 5 GHz) 1242 msec
(mid 5 GHz) 1587 msec
(high 5 GHz) 641 msec
Compatible SoftwareinSSIDer OfficeChanalyzer 5Chanalyzer 5Chanalyzer 5 + Lab Accessory
inSSIDer OfficeinSSIDer Office
Length25mm (including USB connector)63mm (including USB and RP-SMA connectors)75mm (including RP-SMA connector)63mm(including USB and RP-SMA connectors)
Additional AccessoriesDevice Finder Directional AntennaDevice Finder Directional Antenna
  1. Wi Spy Dbx Spectrum Analyzer
Wi Spy Dbx Software Download

Wi Spy Dbx Spectrum Analyzer

.Most values for the Wi-Spy 2.4x, Wi-Spy DBx and Wi-Spy 900x can be adjusted in hardware configuration using the latest Chanalyzer. More Information Chanalyzer Comparison Table Wi-Spy 2.4x at Metageek Wi-Spy Benefits Support Resources Software Downloads. VisiWave Site Survey Combo DBx bundles the Wi-Spy DBx (dual-band) spectrum analyzer which covers both the 2.4GHz 802.11b/g frequency range as well as the 5GHz 802.11a frequency range. Chanalyzer VisiWave works directly with a Wi-Spy device to collect and visualize spectrum data. Download spy camera exe for free. Business software downloads - Hidden Camera by Oleansoft and many more programs are available for instant and free download.