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How To Transfer Files From Android To PC? Transferring the files from Android smartphone to Windows PC is not a serious headache. It is quite easy. Because there are a lot of ways to transfer files from an Android phone to PC or PC to Android phone. Earlier, most of the users use a USB cable or Bluetooth to do this. But, there are many ways available for this.

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Most of the people think that using a USB cable to transfer the files is the easiest method. But, it is not true at all. Because sometimes, another way is better than using the USB cable. Nowadays, many WIFI file transfer apps and software are popular. You can also use these apps and software to send files from Android to Windows PC.

Why Should You Know The Different Methods To Transfer Files From Android To PC?

Sometimes, you may unable to send files from your smartphone to your PC. You should know all ways to transfer data between PC and Android smartphone. Because sometimes one method does not work because of some reasons. So, you can use a different method to do this.

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  • 1 7 Ways To Transfer Files From Android To PC

7 Ways To Transfer Files From Android To PC

1. Transfer Files Using A USB Cable

This is the easiest and the most popular way to transfer the files. You need a USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable to connect your Android smartphone to your PC. After that, you can exchange files between PC and your phone. This is also the fastest and oldest way to share files between PC and mobile phone. File transfer speed is higher than other ways.


  • High Speed: With USB cable, you can send or transfer files to your PC with high speed.
  • Easy Way: Just connect your Android device to PC with USB cable and copy the files.


  • Need A USB Cable: sometimes, you don’t have USB cable or USB cable doesn’t work. In this situation, this method is not useful for you.
Windows 7 For Android Tablet Free Download

2. Transfer Files Using BlueTooth

Bluetooth is a wireless technology to transfer the data in short distance. The physical range of Bluetooth is 10 meters to 100 meters.

Bluetooth is also an older way to transfer files between mobile phones and PCs. However, the file transfer speed is slow. But, you don’t need a USB cable. This method is also easy to use. Nowadays every Smartphone, Laptops, and PCs have Bluetooth.


  • Easy To Use: You can easily send or receive files with Bluetooth.
  • You Don’t need USB cable: If you don’t have a USB cable, then you can use Bluetooth to exchange files between PC and mobile phone.


  • Low Speed: Bluetooth file transfer speed is lower than USB.

3. Using WiFi Direct Apps And Software

WiFi Direct is a new and fast way to exchange files between PC and Smartphone. You can also send or receive files between two Android devices.

Everyone knows about the ShareIt and Xander apps. These apps are using the WiFi direct method to exchange files between two devices. Most of the users using these apps to send or receive files between two Android smartphones. But, you can also exchange files between a Windows PC and Android with these apps.


  • High Speed: It gives better speed to exchange files between two devices.
  • Faster than Bluetooth: This method is faster than Bluetooth.


  • You need to download and install same app and software on both your devices.
  • Not easy for some users: Some users face difficulties to use these apps.
  • Need WiFi Network adapter on your PC.

4. Using File Manager Apps On Android

This method is different than other methods. This is an easy method, but you need to connect your smartphone and PC to the same WiFi router. So, this method is only good when you are at home or office. Most of the Android File manager apps have this feature. File Manager apps using FTP (File transfer protocol) to do this.

After installing the File manager app on your Android device, open PC File transfer option from the app and you get a localhost address. After that, open the web browser from your PC and type the address in the URL. Now you can exchange files between your phone and PC.


  • Easy to Use: This method is easy to use.
  • No need to install any software on Laptop or PC.


  • You need to connect both devices to the same WiFi network.
  • Not So Fast: It transfers the files via WiFi router and the speed is based on WiFi router speed.

5.Transfer files From Android To PC Via Email

This is also a simple and easy way to transfer or send files from one device to another. You can use your email to send or receive files. However, you cannot send large files via email. Because email service providers limit the file size. You can send up to 25MB file in Gmail. So, this method is good to transfer or send small size files. You just need an internet connection to send or receive emails.


  • Easy To Use: Everyone uses the email and it is easy to use.
  • Better to send photos and small size files.


  • Time-consuming: This process takes the time. Because you need to upload and download the files. Slow internet connection takes the time to upload files.
  • Need an internet connection: You need an internet on both devices.
  • Not Good For Large Files: With this method, you can send only small size files.

6. Using Cloud Storage (File Hosting and Sharing sites)

To overcome the email file size limit, you can use cloud storage services to send large files. There are many file hosting sites and file sharing sites available on the internet to host and share large files. With these file sharing sites, you can easily send a very large file.

Just upload your file in cloud storage and download it on another device.


  • Transfer large files over internet.
  • Host or store your large files online.
  • You can Access files anywhere.


  • It is not easy to upload large files.
  • To upload the large file takes a time.
  • You need a high-speed internet connection.

7. Transfer Files Using MicroSD Card Reader

You can transfer your Android phone’s files with a MicroSD card reader. You need a memory card on your smartphone. If you have not memory card on your smartphone, then this method is useless for you. Though this is the fast and easy method to exchange files between PC and phone. But, nowadays, most of the people don’t need a memory card on their phone. Because now smartphones come with large internal memory.


  • Fast and easy way to transfer the files.
  • You can exchange files with high speed.


  • If you don’t have a MicroSD card on your phone, this method is not working for you.
  • You need a MicroSD card reader.

Final Words

So, guys, these are the 7 ways to transfer files from Android to Windows PC. If you are searching for how to transfer files from Android to PC, then this guide is useful for you. You should know all these methods. You can use any method which is easy for you. However, these all 7 ways are easy to use. But, the requirements are different. So, you can use any method which is perfect for you.

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How do I install apps on Windows 7?


  1. Choose Start→All Programs→Windows Virtual PC and then select Windows XP Mode.
  2. Maximize the Windows XP Mode window so that you are in full-screen mode.
  3. Choose Start→My Computer and then locate the program that you want to install.
  4. Double click the application file and follow the on-screen prompts.

How can I download Android apps on Windows?

How to Run Android Apps on Your PC or Mac

Windows 7 For Android Tablet Free Download Windows 10

  • Go to Bluestacks and click on Download App Player.
  • Now open the setup file and follow on-screen instructions to install Bluestacks.
  • Run Bluestacks when the installation is complete.
  • Now you’ll see a window in which Android is up and running.

Can I install Android on PC?

Emulators like BlueStacks have helped PC users to download and install Android apps directly to their systems. The OS allows you to run Android and its apps like a desktop OS. Meaning you can run multiple apps in the form of windows. You can continue using the mouse and keyboard for navigation across the OS, too.

Windows 7 For Android Tablet Free Download Windows 7

What software can run Android apps on PC?

BlueStacks App Player

Can you download apps on Windows 7?

Windows store isn’t available in windows store so you can’t install “Windows Store apps” in windows 7, although you can search for the exe file of the specific app you are looking for and run it to install it in Windows 7.

Where are installed apps on Windows 7?

Generate a List of Installed Programs in Windows

  1. If you are using Windows 7 or higher and the User Account Control dialog box displays, click Yes to continue.
  2. At the command prompt, type in wmic (wmic is the Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line tool) and press Enter.
  3. Enter the following line (copy and paste) at the wmic:rootcli prompt and press Enter.

How can I run Windows apps on Android?

By downloading an app known as Citrix Receiver, Android users can connect to their company’s Citrix server and run a number of Windows applications from the palms of their hands. Open the Android Market app on your smartphone. Tap the “magnifying glass” icon at the top-right corner of the screen.

How do I download Android apps to my computer?

The brief steps on how to install Android apps from your computer by using it: Step 1: After downloading the software to your computer, connect your Android device via USB cable. Step 3: Click “Install,” and select the APK files that you downloaded to your PC. The files will then be transferred to your Android device.

How can I open mobile apps on PC?

Download android software for windows

You can either search for it or find it at the bottom of your Apps List in the Start menu!

  • If you do not have the app installed, you can download it here.
  • Open the Your Phone app on your PC.
  • Select Get Started to begin the setup process.
  • Select Link phone.

How do I run Android apps on my PC?

Steps to Get Android Games/Apps on your PC

  1. Download an Android emulator called Bluestacks.
  2. Install Bluestacks and run it.
  3. On the home page of Bluestacks, click on the search button and type in the name of the app or the game you want.
  4. Select one of the many app stores and install the app.

What is the best Android OS for PC?

The 5 Best Android OS for PC: Run Android on your Computer

  • The Best Chrome OS forks.
  • Phoenix OS was released shortly after the publication of the Remix OS.
  • Dual boot Phoenix OS with Windows operating system.
  • FydeOS is based on chromium fork to run on Intel computers.
  • Prime OS is an operating system that gives full desktop experience just like Mac and Windows.

How do I reinstall Android OS on PC?

Now, it’s time to flash the ROM:

  1. Reboot your Android device and open the recovery mode.
  2. Navigate to the ‘Install ZIP from SD card’ or ‘Install’ section.
  3. Select the path of the downloaded/transferred Zip file.
  4. Now, wait until the flash process gets finished.
  5. If asked, wipe out the data from your phone.

Can I run Android apps on Windows 10?

Microsoft announced a new feature for Windows 10 today that will let Android phone users view and use any app on their device from a Windows desktop. The feature, which Microsoft is referring to as app mirroring and shows up in Windows as an app called Your Phone, seems to be work best with Android for now.

How do I run an APK file on my PC?

Take the APK you want to install (be it Google’s app package or something else) and drop the file into the tools folder in your SDK directory. Then use the command prompt while your AVD is running to enter (in that directory) adb install filename.apk . The app should be added to the app list of your virtual device.

How do I open an APK file on my PC?

You can open an APK file on a PC using either Android Studio or BlueStacks. For example, if using BlueStacks, go into the My Apps tab and then choose Install apk from the bottom right corner of the window.

Can you get Microsoft Store on Windows 7?

You can then open the Microsoft Store app on your system, search for iTunes, and install it right from the Store. The Microsoft Store app is only available on Windows 10, which means that Windows 7 users can’t install it. If you want iTunes on Windows 7, you’ll have to get it from Apple’s website.

How do I download apps on Windows?

To install an app:

  • From the Store, locate and select the app you wish to install. Clicking an app.
  • The app information page will appear. If the app is free, click the Install button.
  • The app will begin downloading and will be installed automatically.
  • The installed app will appear on the Start screen.

How can I run Android apps on my PC?

How To Install Android Apps On PC

  1. Step 1 – Download BlueStacks .exe installation file.
  2. Step 2 – Install BlueStacks by opening installation file.
  3. Step 3 – Launch BlueStacks.
  4. Step 4 – Configure settings to your liking.
  5. Step 5 – Install Android Apps through Google Play Store or .Apk Installer.

Where can I find installed apps in Windows?

Then go to “Programs -> Programs and Features” or the old Add or Remove Programs. Here you can see all the desktop applications that are installed on your Windows computer. In the list of installed applications, look for the one that you want to verify and select it. Then, on the right, see the Installed On column.

How do I find programs on Windows 7?

Check for operating system information in Windows 7

  • Click the Start button. , enter Computer in the search box, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.
  • Look under Windows edition for the version and edition of Windows that your PC is running.

How do I find installed programs on Windows?

Steps to check installed programs in Windows 10: Step 1: Start Control Panel. Step 2: Enter program in the upper-right box, and then click Show which programs are installed on your computer from the search result. When finishing these steps, you can check your installed apps.

How can I run iPhone apps on my PC?

The best way to use your favourite iOS apps on your laptop or PC is by using a simulator. The best way we’ve found is iPadian: a free Adobe AIR-based iPad simulator which allows you to run more iPhone- and iPad apps in an iPad-like interface on your own PC desktop. (See also: How to connect your iPad to a TV.)

How do I access Google Play Store app on my computer?

Link your Google Account and phone or tablet

  1. On your computer, go to Google Play.
  2. In the top right, click your profile picture.
  3. If you’re not signed in to the right account, click Sign out, then sign in again with the right account.
  4. On your Android phone or tablet, open the Google Play Store app .

How can I access my mobile from PC?

Method 1 Using the USB Cable

  • Attach the cable to your PC.
  • Plug the free end of the cable into your Android.
  • Allow your computer to access your Android.
  • Enable USB access if necessary.
  • Open Start.
  • Open This PC.
  • Double-click your Android’s name.
  • Double-click your Android’s storage.

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