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Posted : admin On 12/24/2021

Kodi XBMC has many addons that can really bring your streaming experience to life for Movies, TV Shows, PPV events etc. Another batch of addons you can enable if you so choose on Kodi XBMC adult content. We offer pre-configured Fire TV and Fire TV sticks that are ready to go with all the most popular streaming addons. By default they are adult content ready, but not enabled.

Step 1 – Assuming you already have Kodi Media Centre app installed, it’s time to download the zip file for VideoDevil. Step 2 – Launch the Kodi application and go inside the System Settings. Inside that, click on Add-ons and then click on the Install from zip file option. Guide Best Kodi Addons Xbmc free download - XBMC, Windows Registry Guide, Movie For XBMC Kodi, and many more programs. Select the addon you wish to install: XBMC-Adult Addons Click on the Install button at the lower right corner of the screen. If prompted, select the latest version from the listing. If prompted, press the OK button to accept necessary dependencies. To try out this addon, make sure to install the Kodi Adult repository. This means you need to add “to Kodi via its File Manager. Then, navigate to Kodi Repos XXX-Adult repository.kodiadult.zip and click on this ZIP file. Access the newly added repository and find the addon there. How to Install XBMC-Adult Repo Kodi. Follow these steps carefully. 1 – Select System. 2 – Select Add-ons. 3 – Select Install from zip file repository.xbmcadult-.zip. 4 – After installation, you will get a message in the bottom right corner stating that the Repository is Enabled. Select Install from repository or Get Add-ons.

Here is a video walk through on how to enable Kodi XBMC adult content on your installation

You will want to learn how to install “addon installer” if you did not get a pre-configured unit from us. If you received a unit from usor have addon installer installed, then proceed.


Once addon installer is ready you will find it under programs on the Kodi XBMC home page.

  • Click programs
    • Highlight addon installer and press the “C” key on your keyboard, the menu key on your remote, or the button with three horizontal lines on your fire tv remote
    • Go into the addon settings
    • In there you will notice Adult is not highlighted by default, navigate there and enable it
    • Ok out of the addon settings
  • Select Addon installer
    • In Addon installer you will now see the adult content as a selection
    • In there will be some adult content repositories
      • Install any or all of them

At this point you have only unlocked the ability to install the Kodi XBMC adult content addons. To install the actual video addons…

  • Navigate back to the Kodi XBMC homepage
  • Highlight videos and press the down key and select addons
  • From there a good practice is to continue pressing select on the two dots “..” at the top of the list until you get where you see a few entries like “Get more” or “install from zip file”
  • You will want to select “Get more”
    • In there you will see the repositories you added
    • Select one and you will see the addons
    • Simply select and install the addons you want

Xbmc Addon Download

Now you can navigate to the home screen on Kodi XBMC. Again navigate to videos, press down. and select video addons. All of your newly installed Kodi XBMC Adult content will be available for streaming.